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Even experts need perspective. As a result, our research group collaborates with scientists pursuing answers to real-world problems. We develop individualized approaches to help researchers gain new perspectives and improve the breadth and depth of their work.








[Cabeen et al., 2020]
Ryan Cabeen, David H. Laidlaw, and AW Toga. Stick Stippling for Joint 3D Visualization of Diffusion MRI Fiber Orientations and Density. In Proceedings of MICCAI CDMRI Workshop, 2020. (pdf) (bibtex: Cabeen-2020-SSJ).
[Chen et al., 2020]
Min Chen, Alfie Abdul-Rahman, and David H. Laidlaw. The Huge Variable Space in Empirical Studies for Visualization--A Challenge as well as an opportunity for Visualization Psychology. In IEEE VIS Workshop on Visualization Psychology, 2020. (pdf) (bibtex: Chen-2020-HVS).
[Hatala et al., 2020]
KG Hatala, PL FalkinghamL, S Megherhi, DA Perry, S Cheleden, Johannes Novotny, David H. Laidlaw, and SM Gatesy. Merging biplanar X-ray, 3-D animation, particle simulation, and virtual reality to understand 3-D foot dynamics on deformable substrates. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 171(S69), 2020. (pdf) (bibtex: Hatala-2020-MBX).


[Abbott et al., 2019]
B Abbott, H Agata, T Boch, A Bock, D Brown, M Davies, C Emmart, J Faherty, A Gerndt, A A Goodman, C D Hansen, T Kwasnitschka, David H. Laidlaw, M A Magnor, T Mueller, J Eli, L Plesea, S Ratzenboeck, T P Robitaille, F Sadlo, W Steffen, G Stoeckle, M Subbarao, E A Valentijn, D Weiskopf, R Wyatt, and A Ynnerman. Astrographics: Interactive Data-Driven Journeys through Space (Dagstuhl Seminar 19262). Dagstuhl Follow-Ups, 2019. (pdf) (bibtex: Goodman-2019-AID).
[Turner et al., 2019]
ML Turner, Johannes Novotny, PL Falkingham, David H. Laidlaw, and SM Gatesy. Where Does Footprint Morphology Come from? Developing Virtual Reality Visualizations for Exploring Dinosaur Track Formation. Journal of Morphology, Abstracts from 12th International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology, 280:S70--S70, 2019. (bibtex: Turner-2019-WDF).


[Gramazio et al., 2018]
Connor Gramazio, Jeff Huang, and David H. Laidlaw. An Analysis of Automated Visual Analysis Classification: Interactive Visualization Task Inference of Cancer Genomics Domain Experts. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 24(8), August 2018. (pdf) (bibtex: Gramazio-2018-AAV).


[Demiralp et al., 2014]
Cagatay Demiralp, Carlos E Scheiddegger, Gordon L Kindlmann, David H. Laidlaw, and Jeffrey Heer. Visual Embedding: A Model for Visualization. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 20(1), January 2014. (bibtex: Demiralp-2014-VEM).


[Ergun et al., 2013]
A Ergun, G Doran, J C Costello, H H Paik, J J Collins, D Mathis, C Benoist, D A Blair, M L Dustin, S A Shinton, R R Hardy, T Shay, A Regevc, N Cohen, P Brennan, M Brenner, F Kim, T Nageswara Rao, A Wagers, T Heng, J Ericson, K Rothamel, A Ortiz-Lopez, T Kreslavsky, A Fletcher, K Elpek, A Bellemare-Pelletier, D Malhotra, S Turley, J Miller, B Brown, M Merad, E L Gautier, C Jakubzick, G J Randolph, P Monach, A J Best, J Knell, A Goldrath, V Jojic, D Koller, David H. Laidlaw, J Collins, R Gazit, D J Rossi, N Malhotra, K Sylvia, J Kang, N A Bezman, J C Sun, G Min-Oo, C C Kim, and L L Lanier. Differential splicing across immune system lineages. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110(35):14324-14329, 2013. (bibtex: Ergun-2013-DSA).
[Guo et al., 2013]
Hua Guo, Arthur Yidi, Steven R. Gomez, Mark J. Schnitzer, David Badre, and David H. Laidlaw. Toward a Visual Interface for Brain Connectivity Analysis. In CHI '13 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pages 1761-1766, 2013. (bibtex: Guo-2013-TVI).
[Jianu and Laidlaw, 2013]
Radu Jianu and David H. Laidlaw. What google maps can do for biomedical data dissemination: examples and a design study. BMC research notes, 6(1):1-14, 2013. (bibtex: Jianu-2013-WGM).
[Jojic et al., 2013]
V Jojic, T Shay, K Sylvia, O Zuk, X Sun, J Kang, A Regev, D Koller, A J Best, J Knell, A Goldrath, N Cohen, P Brennan, M Brenner, F Kim, T N Rao, A Wagers, T Heng, J Ericson, K Rothamel, A Ortiz-Lopez, D Mathis, C Benoist, N A Bezman, J C Sun, G Min-Oo, C C Kim, L L Lanier, J Miller, B Brown, M Merad, E L Gautier, C Jakubzick, G J Randolph, P Monach, D A Blair, M L Dustin, S A Shinton, R R Hardy, David H. Laidlaw, J Collins, R Gazit, D J Rossi, N Malhotra, T Kreslavsky, A Fletcher, K Elpek, A Bellemare-Pelletier, D Malhotra, and S Turley. Identification of transcriptional regulators in the mouse immune system. Nature Immunololgy, 14:633-643, 2013. (bibtex: Jojic-2013-ITR).
[Malhotra et al., 2013]
N Malhotra, K Narayan, O H Cho, K E Sylvia, C Yin, H Melichar, M Rashighi, V Lefebvre, J E Harris, L J Berg, J Kang, E L Gautier, C Jakubzick, G J Randolph, J A Best, J Knell, A Goldrath, J Miller, B Brown, M Merad, V Jojic, D Koller, N Cohen, P Brennan, M Brenner, T Shay, A Regev, A Fletcher, K Elpek, A Bellemare-Pelletier, D Malhotra, S Turley, Radu Jianu, David H. Laidlaw, J Collins, K Sylvia, R Gazit, B Garrison, D J Rossi, F Kim, T N Rao, A Wagers, S A Shinton, R R Hardy, P Monach, N A Bezman, J C Sun, C C Kim, L L Lanier, T Heng, T Kreslavsky, M Painter, J Ericson, S Davis, D Mathis, and C Benoist. A network of high-mobility group box transcription factors programs innate interleukin-17 production. Immunity, 38:681-693, 2013. (bibtex: Malhotra-2013-NHM).
[Mingueneau et al., 2013]
M Mingueneau, T Kreslavsky, D Gray, T Heng, R Cruse, J Ericson, S Bendall, M H Spitzer, G P Nolan, K Kobayashi, H Boehmer, D Mathis, C Benoist, A J Best, J Knell, A Goldrath, V Jojic, D Koller, T Shay, A Regev, N Cohen, P Brennan, M Brenner, F Kim, T N Rao, A Wagers, K Rothamel, A Ortiz-Lopez, N A Bezman, J C Sun, G Min-Oo, C C Kim, L L Lanier, J Miller, B Brown, M Merad, E L Gautier, C Jakubzick, G J Randolph, P Monach, D A Blair, M L Dustin, S A Shinton, R R Hardy, David H. Laidlaw, J Collins, R Gazit, D J Rossi, N Malhotra, K Sylvia, J Kang, A Fletcher, K Elpek, A Bellemare-Pelletier, D Malhotra, and S Turley. The transcriptional landscape of alpha beta T cell differentiation. Nature Immunololgy, 14:619-632, 2013. (bibtex: Mingueneau-2013-TLA).


[Ericson et al., 2012]
J Ericson, M Painter, S Davis, C Laplace, G Hyatt, H Paik, K Rothamel, R Cruse, G Doran, T Heng, N Asinovski, Ortiz-A Lopes, A Ergun, D Gray, E Wakamatsu, J Hill, M Mingueneau, D Cipoletta, H Yoshida, C Benoist, D Mathis, N Cohen, E Kim, P Brennan, L Lynch, M Brenner, J Costello, JJ Collins, D Blair, M Dustin, J Knell, E Yang, A Best, L Shaw, A Doedens, A Goldrath, S Shinton, Y Zhou, R Hardy, V Jojic, S Mostafavi, D Koller, Radu Jianu, David H. Laidlaw, N Bezman, J Sun, Y Zhu, D Hendricks, Y Kamimura, G Min-Oo, M Morvan, T Nabekura, V Lam, C Kim, L Lanier, M Greter, J Helft, A Chow, M Bogunovic, A Mortha, J Price, D Hashimoto, J Miller, P Sathe, A Chudnovskiy, Y Lavin, J Idoyaga, M Merad, E Gautier, C Jakubzick, D' J Angelo, G Randolph, T Shay, A Regev, R Gazit, Rossi D, T Kreslawsky, Bohmer H von, A Bellemare-Pelletier, K Elpek, L Spelv, A Fletcher, D Malhotra, V Cremasco, S Turley, F Kim, TN Rao, A Wagers, and Immunological Genome Project. Identification of transcriptional regulators in the mouse immune system. Consortium biology in immunology: the perspective from the Immunological Genome Project, epub, 2012. (bibtex: Ericson-2012-NRI).
[Malhotra et al., 2012]
D Malhotra, Anne L Fletcher, J Astarita, V Lukacs-Kornek, P Tayalia, SF Gonzalez, KG Elpek, SK Chang, K Knoblich, ME Hemler, MB Brenner, MC Carroll, DJ Mooney, SJ Turley, The Immunological Genome Project Consortium the, Y Zhou, SA Shinton, RR Hardy, NA Bezman, JC Sun, CC Kim, LL Lanier, J Miller, M Merad, AL Fletcher, A Bellemare-Pelletier, K Narayan, K Sylvia, J Kang, R Gazit, B Garrison, DJ Rossi, V Jojic, D Koller, Radu Jianu, David H. Laidlaw, J Costello, J Collins, N Cohen, P Brennan, T Shay, A Regev, F Kim, TN Rao, A Wagers, EL Gautier, C Jakubzick, GJ Randolph, P Monach, AJ Best, J Knell, A Goldrath, T Heng, T Kreslavsky, M Painter, D Mathis, and C Benoist. Transcriptional profiling of stroma from inflamed and resting lymph nodes defines immunological hallmarks. Nature Immunology, 2012. (bibtex: Malhotra-2012-TPS).
[Rainbow et al., 2012]
Michael J. Rainbow, Joseph J. Crisco, Douglas Moore, Robin N. Kamal, David H. Laidlaw, Edward Akelman, and Scott W. Wolfe. Elongation of the Dorsal Carpal Ligaments: A Computational Study of In Vivo Carpal Kinematics. The Journal of Hand Surgery, 2012. (bibtex: Rainbow-2012-EDC).


[Li et al., 2011]
Guangxia Li, Andrew C. Bragdon, Zhigeng Pan, Mingmin Zhang, Sharon Swartz, David H. Laidlaw, Chaoyang Zhang, Hanyu Liu, and Jian Chen. VisBubbles: a workflow-driven framework for scientific data analysis of time-varying biological datasets, 2011. (pdf) (bibtex: Li-2011-VWF).
[Xu et al., 2011]
Liming Xu, Jeremy Lyle, Yubao Wu, Zhigeng Pan, Mingmin Zhang, David H. Laidlaw, Robert L. Hester, and Jian Chen. HumMod explorer: a multi-scale time-varying human modeling navigator, 2011. (bibtex: Xu-2011-HEM).


[Boller et al., 2010]
Ryan Boller, Scott A. Braun, Jadrian Miles, and David H. Laidlaw. Application of uncertainty visualization methods to meteorological trajectories. Earth Science Informatics, 3(1-2):119-126, June 2012. (pdf) (bibtex: Boller-2010-AUV).
[Halilaj et al., 2010]
Eni Halilaj, Stephen Correia, David H. Laidlaw, and salloway. A Quantitative Tractography Approach for Exploring Associations between White Matter Pathways and Cognitive Functions . In Proceedings of ISMRM, 2010. poster (pdf) (bibtex: Halilaj-2010-MRM).


[Demiralp et al., 2008]
Cagatay Demiralp, John F. Hughes, and David H. Laidlaw. Using Boy's Real Projective Plane Immersion for Coloring DT-MRI Slices. In Proceedings of ISMRM, 2008. (bibtex: Demiralp-2008-UBR).
[Kostandov et al., 2008]
Mykhaylo Kostandov, Jian Chen, Igor Pivkin, Sharon Swartz, and David H. Laidlaw. Exploring Dimensionality Reduction of Animal Flight Kinematics in an Interactive Virtual Reality Setting. ACM I3D Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, Posters Program, February 2008. (pdf) (bibtex: Kostandov-2008-EDR).


[Chen et al., 2007]
Jian Chen, Andrew Forsberg, Sharon Swartz, and David H. Laidlaw. Interactive Multiple Scale Small Multiples. IEEE Visualization 2007 Poster Compendium, November 2007. (pdf) (bibtex: Chen-2007-MSM).
[Chen et al., 2007]
Jian Chen, Victoria Interrante, William Ribarsky, and David H. Laidlaw. Getting Human-Centered Computing and Scientific Visualization Married: the Myth and Critical issues. IEEE Visualization Panel, Oct 2007. (pdf) (bibtex: Chen-2007-HVP).
[Miles et al., 2007]
Jadrian Miles, Daniel Keefe, Daniel Acevedo, Fritz Drury, Sharon Swartz, and David H. Laidlaw. Teaching Science in Virtual Reality with a Freehand 3D Illustration. In Proceedings of IEEE InfoVis, Poster Compendium, 2007. (bibtex: Miles-2007-TSI).
[Willis et al., 2007]
David J. Willis, Mykhaylo Kostandov, Daniel K. Riskin, Jaime Peraire, David H. Laidlaw, Sharon Swartz, and Kenneth S. Breuer. Modeling the Flight of a Bat. Science Magazine. 2007 Visualization Challenge Winner. Informational Graphics., 317:1860, September 2007. (bibtex: Willis-2007-MFB).


[Callan-Jones et al., 2006]
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[Crisco et al., 2006]
Joseph J. Crisco, Douglas Moore, G. Elisabeta Marai, David H. Laidlaw, Edward Akelman, Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, and Scott W. Wolfe. Effects of Distal Radius Malunion on Distal Radioulnar Joint Mechanics: An In Vivo Study. Journal of Orthopedic Research, 2006. (bibtex: Crisco-2006-MDR).
[Demiralp et al., 2006]
Cagatay Demiralp, Song Zhang, David Tate, Stephen Correia, and David H. Laidlaw. Connectivity-aware sectional visualization of 3D DTI volumes using perceptual flat-torus coloring and edge rendering. In Proceedings of Eurographics, 2006. (pdf) (bibtex: Demiralp-2006-CSV).
[Kostandov et al., 2006]
Mykhaylo Kostandov, Igor Pivkin, Kenneth Breuer, Sharon Swartz, and David H. Laidlaw. Proper Orthogonal Decomposition and Particle Image Velocimetry in Bat Flight. IEEE Visualization 2006 Poster Compendium, November 2006. (pdf) (bibtex: Kostandov-2006-POD).
[Slavin et al., 2006]
Vadim Slavin, Robert A. Pelcovitz, George Loriot, Andrew Callan-Jones, and David H. Laidlaw. Techniques for the Visualization of Topological Defect Behavior in Nematic Liquid Crystals. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings Visualization / Information Visualization), 12(5), September-October 2006. In Press (pdf) (bibtex: Slavin-2006-TVT).


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[Laidlaw, 2005]
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[Pivkin et al., 2005]
Igor Pivkin, Eduardo Hueso, Rachel Weinstein, David H. Laidlaw, Sharon Swartz, and George Karniadakis. Simulation and Visualization of Air Flow Around Bat Wings During Flight. In Proceedings of International Conference on Computational Science, pages 689-694, 2005. (pdf) (bibtex: Pivkin-2005-SVA).


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[Vote, 2001]
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[Laidlaw et al., 1998]
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