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inspace File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
AnimMgr.H [code]
AnimObj.H [code]
AnimTexPlane.H [code]
BBox.H [code]
Color.H [code]Holds a RGB color represented w/ floats in the range (0,1)
ColorMap.H [code]Color Map Class
Cursor.H [code]
CursorInt.H [code]
DefaultCursor.H [code]Simple 3D Cursor that follows a 6DOF input device
Dev2dToDev6d.H [code]
Dev2dToDev6dSphere.H [code]Maps 2D movement, most likely mouse movement, to a 3D pos and dir on the surface of a sphere facing into the center of the sphere. Use to make 2D mouse movement produce camera positions that give you an orbital view of an object
Dev2dToDevBtn.H [code]
documentation.H [code]
DrawMgr.H [code]Static class, handles drawing of all DrawObj's in DRAWMGR::draw()
DrawObj.H [code]A container for a graphical object that knows how to draw itself
DrawPoint.H [code]
EnableMgr.H [code]
EnableObj.H [code]
FlyNavInt.H [code]
FontMgr.H [code]Static class, creates and renders fonts using Brad Fish's glFont functions
FPS.H [code]
G3DEngine.H [code]A G3D implementation of the InSpace VR Engine
GfxTools.H [code]Takes care of translating /map/gfx0/tools/linux to the correct path
glfont.H [code]
GLLine3D.H [code]
GLPtCloud.H [code]
GlutEngine.H [code]A GLUT implementation of the InSpace VR Engine
glwrap.H [code]Wrapper around GL that fixes include ordering problems
GrabNavInt.H [code]
Interpolator.H [code]Describes a basic interpolator
IOUtils.H [code]Some common utils I use when creating/parsing file out/input
ISApp.H [code]Base class for InSpace graphics applications
ISEdge.H [code]
ISFace.H [code]
isGlContextData.H [code]This is a wrapper around VRJuggler's vjGlContextData template. When VRJuggler is used, it is actually the same class. When not it ignores GL context issues and just provides the same interface as the vjGlContextData class
ISMesh.H [code]A Mesh class for use with OpenGL rendering. Apopted in part from David McAllister's Mesh in DMcTools, and from BMesh of Jot anSd Glue fame
ISMeshObj.H [code]Drawable mesh object, contains a list of meshes
ISModeler.H [code]Some predefined geometry meshes
ISTriStrip.H [code]
ISVertex.H [code]
ISVREngine.H [code]InSpace VR Engine - A subclass that utilizes glut, vrjuggler, cavelib, or some other GL window handling library can be used to open windows and provide GL callbacks to InSpace applications
LightMgr.H [code]Static class, handles reading of light parameters from glueconfig and giving those values to the DrawMgr
MiscUtils.H [code]
MouseNav.H [code]
ObjectInt.H [code]
Path.H [code]Models a Path. Can be reparameterized through linear interpolation between points
pnm_image.H [code]
PropertyChangeNotifier.H [code]
PtCloud.H [code]
Room.H [code]
ScreenGrabInt.H [code]
SelectMgr.H [code]Static class, handles selection of objects using selectors
Selector6dInt.H [code]Move cursor into objects.. Release while object is selected to add the object to SELECTMGR::selectedObjs. To clear selection press and release while selecting nothing
SoundImpNet.H [code]A network-based implementation of a sound device to be called by SOUNDMGR. This uses glue's asciinet stuff to communicate over a network with a soundserver
SoundImpOpenAL.H [code]An OpenAL-based implementation of a sound device to be called by SOUNDMGR
SoundMgr.H [code]Inspace sound server interface, can have a network sound server implementation or a linked in sound library implementation
StatusBar.H [code]
streamwrap.H [code]Wrapper around stream includes
TexDB.H [code]
TexLoadRGB.H [code]
TexPalette.H [code]
TexPaletteInt.H [code]
TexPlane.H [code]
Texture.H [code]
TimeFade.H [code]
Timer.H [code]
UtilityFactory.H [code]Models a Path. Can be reparameterized through linear interpolation between points
ViewpointNav.H [code]
WallClockInt.H [code]
World.H [code]
WorldInt.H [code]
WorldRotAxis.H [code]Class that spins the world a bit each time spin() is called spins at a constant rate per sec.
WorldRotAxisInt.H [code]Interactor that allows the user to specify an axis of rotation around which the world revolves
WorldTranslate.H [code]Apadpted from asf's wtk-glue translate class

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