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cavewriting File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
ClientSocket.h [code]
DenouementScene.H [code]
doc.H [code]
Effect.H [code]
FadeInOutEffect.H [code]
FaderEffect.H [code]
FadeScene.H [code]
FontMgr.H [code]
GlowBall.H [code]
LerpEffect.H [code]
NiceText.H [code]
OrbitEffect.H [code]
Paddle.H [code]
PeelEffect.H [code]
PeelScene.H [code]
Scene.H [code]
Section.H [code]
Socket.h [code]
SocketException.h [code]
SoundManager.h [code]
SparklerDrawingWidget.H [code]
Spot.H [code]
Story.H [code]
SurroundEffect.H [code]
TestApp.H [code]The main class for a IS3D library test program
TotalCollapse.H [code]
Word.H [code]
WordRenderer.H [code]The WordRenderer is supposed to render NiceText objects really fast. Right now it does so just by avoiding the overhead of individual DrawObj's. Stay tuned...

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