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AnimMgr.H [code]Static class that maintains a list of animated objects that should be updated each frame
AnimObj.H [code]Base class for animatable objects
BBox.H [code]An axis-aligned bounding box
CalibrateTracker.H [code]An interactive calibration procedure for trackers
ClusterBarrier.H [code]ClusterBarrier is designed as a way to ensure that all rendering processes in a cluster (which are not themselves in the MPI_COMM_WORLD) can make sure they are at the same point at the same time
ClusterBarrierRenderingSide.H [code]See ClusterBarrier.H. This is the half that should be compiled into libgluebase
ClusterCreator.H [code]The purpose of the cluster creator is 1.) To have a common counting point for getting free IPC keys 2.) For having a common call to create the MPI-side and rendering-side sync'ing objects. This is done by leaving the definition of the create*() functions to specific files. See ClusterBarrierRenderingSide.C, ClusterBarrierMPISide.C, ClusterEventBufferMPISide.C, and ClusterEventBufferRenderingSide.C 3.) The real reason it's nice to have this common call, is that then we can experiment with different implementations of ClusterBarrier easily
ClusterEventBuffer.H [code]The ClusterEventBuffer object stores the IPC buffer for \ events along with several flags for communicating application \ state between the MPI and rendering processes
ClusterEventBufferRenderingSide.H [code]
ClusterSync.H [code]
Color3Map.H [code]A Color Map class
ColorUtils.H [code]Utilities involving color for things like converting between color spaces
ConfigVal.H [code]
Cursor3D.H [code]A simple class that handles moving one or more DrawObj's around in response to CoordinateFrame events. Use this to get a 3D icon that follows around a tracker
CygPath.H [code]
DebugDraw.H [code]A quick way to print out debugging info overlayed on the rendering so you don't have to try to look at a console window when working in VR
Default3DMenu.H [code]A simple 3D menu
DefaultBtnHandler.H [code]Responds to common system-level button press events. You don't need to use this, but you can if you like
DefaultHeadTrack.H [code]Sets system head (camera) position in response to CoordinateFrame events
DefaultMouseNav.H [code]
DefaultWandFlyNav.H [code]
DeviceMgr.H [code]
documentation.H [code]
DrawMgr.H [code]Static class, handles drawing of all DrawObj's in DRAWMGR::draw()
DrawObj.H [code]A container for a graphical object that knows how to draw itself
Event.H [code]
Event1DToEvent.H [code]Device-Level Fsa for turning Event1D's into _up and _down Events - essentially treat an analog signal as a button. Assumes the button is initially in the up state and that down reports a 1D value greater than what up reports
EventDisplay.H [code]Useful for debugging device input, displays events as they are processed
EventFilter.H [code]
EyeProjectionObj.H [code]Projects head tracked eye positions onto the screen surface. Helpful in debugging tracking setup
Fsa.H [code]
FsaHelper.H [code]
FsaMgr.H [code]
G3DOperators.H [code]
ICubeXDevice.H [code]IS3D Event Generator for the ICubeX midi-based input device
IFSObj.H [code]A DrawObj that loads an IFS format model via G3D
InspectMouseNav.H [code]
ipc.simple.sem.H [code]
ipc.simple.shmem.H [code]
IS3D.H [code]A header that includes all of IS3D. This also pulls in all of G3D and GLG3D. And uses namespaces: IS3D, G3D, and std
IS3DCommon.H [code]
IS3DDraw.H [code]
IS3DEngine.H [code]
ISApp.H [code]Base class for InSpace graphics applications
KbdToTracker.H [code]
Midi.H [code]
ModalVRFsa.H [code]
ModelObj.H [code]
MouseToTracker.H [code]Transforms mouse movement and keypresses into 6D tracker events. For use with testing 6D interaction techniques on a desktop
MultiColumnMenu.H [code]A menu system that can have multiple columns of menu items
NektarModel.H [code]
NektarModelObj.H [code]A DrawObj that loads a Nektar model. These are typically timevarying
PhantomDevice.H [code]A driver that connects to SenseAble's PHANToM device and reports IS3D EventCoordinateFrame events in response to stylus movement. Also reports an Event for stylus button presses
PolledDevice.H [code]This is a base class for implementations of devices that generate events
ProgressBar.H [code]Displays progress for long operations
SelectMgr.H [code]Static class, handles selection of objects using selectors
ShMemEventRelay.H [code]IS3D Event Generator for the Cave shared memory approach to syncing input events on a cluster where somebody else puts events into shared mem and this guy grabs them and distributes them to the application
SimpleObj.H [code]DrawObj wrappers around G3D's Draw class' static methods for drawing base G3D geometric types
SoundImpNetwork.H [code]A Network-based implementation of a sound device to be called by SoundMgr
SoundImpOpenAL.H [code]An OpenAL-based implementation of a sound device to be called by SOUNDMGR
SoundImpSDL.H [code]A SDL-based implementation of a sound device to be called by SoundMgr
SoundMgr.H [code]Inspace sound server interface, can have a network sound server implementation or a linked in sound library implementation
StringUtils.H [code]Some assorted utilities to deal with strings
SystemUtils.H [code]Some assorted utilities to deal system level stuff
TexMgr.H [code]A database of textures accessable by name. Any texture files specified in the ConfigVal LoadTextures will be automatically loaded. See class description for details
TextMessageFilter.H [code]This filter checks to see if the message has a given prefix, then interprets the message into another type of event. Right now this is used for 'retyping' messages coming from the Java program on the Windows machine for mouse devices
TextScreen.H [code]A quick way to print out debugging info overlayed on the rendering so you don't have to try to look at a console window when working in VR
TimerMgr.H [code]TimerMgr allows you to specify an event to be put into the event stream after some duration. This class is singleton
TrackedButton.H [code]Device-Level Fsa intended for use with tracked props or wands in VR. When buttons are pressed on these devices, sometimes you want an event returned that tells you not only that the button was pressed but where the device was located when it was pressed. This listens for tracker movement and button presses and generates a new EventCoordinateFrame when a button is pressed that reports the current location of the tracker
TrackerDevice.H [code]Base class for a 6DOF tracking device with 1 or more trackers, implementations of this can be calibrated to a display using the IS3D::CalibrateTracker class
VRML2Parser.H [code]A home brew VRML 2.0 parser that handles a very very small subset of the VRML 2.0 spec. This assumes each file has one model specified in it, and just tries to extract the model's geometry
VRMLModel.H [code]
VRMLObj.H [code]A DrawObj that loads an VRML format model via G3D
VRMLParser.H [code]A home brew VRML parser that handles a reasonable subset of the VRML 1.0 specification. Extended from dlemmerm's original code so that it handles multiple models specified within the same VRML file
VRPNAnalogDevice.H [code]A driver that connects to VRPN and creates IS3D Events based on button data from VRPN
VRPNButtonDevice.H [code]A driver that connects to VRPN and creates IS3D Events based on button data from VRPN
VRPNTrackerDevice.H [code]A driver that connects to VRPN and creates IS3D EventCoordinateFrame's based on tracker data from VRPN

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