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InSpace::ISFace Class Reference

#include <ISFace.H>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 ISFace (ISVertex *v1, ISVertex *v2, ISVertex *v3, ISEdge *e1, ISEdge *e2, ISEdge *e3)
virtual ~ISFace ()
void setVertex1 (ISVertex *v)
void setVertex2 (ISVertex *v)
void setVertex3 (ISVertex *v)
ISVertexvertex1 () const
ISVertexvertex2 () const
ISVertexvertex3 () const
ISEdgeedge1 () const
ISEdgeedge2 () const
ISEdgeedge3 () const
void setNormal (cWvec &n)
cWveccomputeNormal ()
cWvecnorm () const
Wplane plane ()
double area ()
double volume_el ()
int containsPt (Wpt p)
int contains (ISVertex *v) const
int contains (ISEdge *e) const
void setMesh (ISMesh *m)

Protected Attributes

Wvec _norm

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

InSpace::ISFace::ISFace ISVertex v1,
ISVertex v2,
ISVertex v3,
ISEdge e1,
ISEdge e2,
ISEdge e3

virtual InSpace::ISFace::~ISFace  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

double InSpace::ISFace::area  ) 

cWvec& InSpace::ISFace::computeNormal  ) 

int InSpace::ISFace::contains ISEdge e  )  const [inline]

int InSpace::ISFace::contains ISVertex v  )  const [inline]

int InSpace::ISFace::containsPt Wpt  p  ) 

ISEdge* InSpace::ISFace::edge1  )  const [inline]

ISEdge* InSpace::ISFace::edge2  )  const [inline]

ISEdge* InSpace::ISFace::edge3  )  const [inline]

cWvec& InSpace::ISFace::norm  )  const [inline]

Wplane InSpace::ISFace::plane  ) 

void InSpace::ISFace::setMesh ISMesh m  ) 

void InSpace::ISFace::setNormal cWvec n  )  [inline]

void InSpace::ISFace::setVertex1 ISVertex v  )  [inline]

void InSpace::ISFace::setVertex2 ISVertex v  )  [inline]

void InSpace::ISFace::setVertex3 ISVertex v  )  [inline]

ISVertex* InSpace::ISFace::vertex1  )  const [inline]

ISVertex* InSpace::ISFace::vertex2  )  const [inline]

ISVertex* InSpace::ISFace::vertex3  )  const [inline]

double InSpace::ISFace::volume_el  ) 

Member Data Documentation

ISEdge* InSpace::ISFace::_e1 [protected]

ISEdge* InSpace::ISFace::_e2 [protected]

ISEdge* InSpace::ISFace::_e3 [protected]

ISMesh* InSpace::ISFace::_mesh [protected]

Wvec InSpace::ISFace::_norm [protected]

ISVertex* InSpace::ISFace::_v1 [protected]

ISVertex* InSpace::ISFace::_v2 [protected]

ISVertex* InSpace::ISFace::_v3 [protected]

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