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Wplane Class Reference

#include <points.H>

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Public Methods

 Wplane ()
 Wplane (cWvec &n, Greal d)
 Wplane (cWpt &n, cWvec &v)
 Wplane (cWpt &n, cWpt &p1, cWpt &p2)
 Wplane (cWpt &p, cWvec &v1, cWvec &v2)
 Wplane (cWpt plg[], int n)
 Wplane (cWpt plg[], int n, cWvec &normal)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Wplane::Wplane   [inline]

Wplane::Wplane cWvec   n,
Greal    d

Wplane::Wplane cWpt   n,
cWvec   v

Wplane::Wplane cWpt   n,
cWpt   p1,
cWpt   p2

Wplane::Wplane cWpt   p,
cWvec   v1,
cWvec   v2

Wplane::Wplane cWpt    plg[],
int    n

Wplane::Wplane cWpt    plg[],
int    n,
cWvec   normal

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