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InSpace::ISMesh Class Reference

#include <ISMesh.H>

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Public Member Functions

 ISMesh (Cstr_ptr &name=str_ptr::null_str(), int numv=0, int nume=0, int numf=0)
virtual ~ISMesh ()
virtual ISVertexaddTriStripVertex (ISVertex *v, int triStripNum)
virtual ISVertexaddVertex (ISVertex *v)
virtual ISVertexaddVertex (cWpt &loc)
virtual ISVertexaddVertex (cWpt &loc, cWvec &norm)
virtual ISEdgeaddEdge (ISEdge *e)
virtual ISEdgeaddEdge (ISVertex *u, ISVertex *v)
virtual ISEdgeaddEdge (int i, int j)
virtual ISFaceaddFace (ISFace *f, Wvec normal=Wvec(0, 0, 0), int isolated=1)
virtual ISFaceaddFace (ISVertex *u, ISVertex *v, ISVertex *w, Wvec normal=Wvec(0, 0, 0), int isolated=1, bool debug=1)
virtual ISFaceaddFace (int i, int j, int k, Wvec normal=Wvec(0, 0, 0), int isolated=1, bool debug=1)
virtual ISFacelookupFace (ISVertex *u, ISVertex *v, ISVertex *w)
virtual int removeVertex (ISVertex *v)
virtual int removeEdge (ISEdge *e)
virtual int removeFace (ISFace *f)
virtual int removeAll ()
virtual BBox bbox ()
virtual double volume ()
virtual double surfaceArea ()
virtual void print ()
virtual void transform (cWtransf &xform)
int empty () const
int nverts () const
int nedges () const
int nfaces () const
int ntriStrips () const
int nisoFaces () const
cARRAY< ISVertex * > & verts () const
cARRAY< ISEdge * > & edges () const
cARRAY< ISFace * > & faces () const
cARRAY< TriStrip * > & tristrips () const
cARRAY< ISFace * > & isolatedFaces () const
int validVertIndices (int i, int j) const
int validVertIndices (int i, int j, int k) const
void setUseVertexColors (int value)
void setUseTexCoords (int value)
int getUseTexCoords ()
void setUseVertexNormals (int value)
void draw (bool useAlpha=false, double alpha=1.0)
bool readVRML (istream *is)
void writeVRML (ostream *ofs)
double rayIntersect (Wvec v, Wpt p)
int pointIntersect (Wpt pobj)
void cleanUp (double epsilon)

Protected Attributes

ARRAY< ISVertex * > _verts
ARRAY< ISEdge * > _edges
ARRAY< ISFace * > _faces
ARRAY< TriStrip * > _triStrips
ARRAY< ISFace * > _isolatedFaces
str_ptr _name
BBox _bbox
int _useVertexColors
int _useTexCoords
int _useVertexNormals

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

InSpace::ISMesh::ISMesh Cstr_ptr name = str_ptr::null_str(),
int  numv = 0,
int  nume = 0,
int  numf = 0

virtual InSpace::ISMesh::~ISMesh  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual ISEdge* InSpace::ISMesh::addEdge int  i,
int  j

virtual ISEdge* InSpace::ISMesh::addEdge ISVertex u,
ISVertex v

virtual ISEdge* InSpace::ISMesh::addEdge ISEdge e  )  [virtual]

virtual ISFace* InSpace::ISMesh::addFace int  i,
int  j,
int  k,
Wvec  normal = Wvec(0, 0, 0),
int  isolated = 1,
bool  debug = 1

virtual ISFace* InSpace::ISMesh::addFace ISVertex u,
ISVertex v,
ISVertex w,
Wvec  normal = Wvec(0, 0, 0),
int  isolated = 1,
bool  debug = 1

virtual ISFace* InSpace::ISMesh::addFace ISFace f,
Wvec  normal = Wvec(0, 0, 0),
int  isolated = 1

virtual ISVertex* InSpace::ISMesh::addTriStripVertex ISVertex v,
int  triStripNum

virtual ISVertex* InSpace::ISMesh::addVertex cWpt loc,
cWvec norm

virtual ISVertex* InSpace::ISMesh::addVertex cWpt loc  )  [virtual]

virtual ISVertex* InSpace::ISMesh::addVertex ISVertex v  )  [virtual]

virtual BBox InSpace::ISMesh::bbox  )  [inline, virtual]

void InSpace::ISMesh::cleanUp double  epsilon  ) 

void InSpace::ISMesh::draw bool  useAlpha = false,
double  alpha = 1.0

cARRAY<ISEdge*>& InSpace::ISMesh::edges  )  const [inline]

int InSpace::ISMesh::empty  )  const [inline]

cARRAY<ISFace*>& InSpace::ISMesh::faces  )  const [inline]

int InSpace::ISMesh::getUseTexCoords  )  [inline]

cARRAY<ISFace*>& InSpace::ISMesh::isolatedFaces  )  const [inline]

virtual ISFace* InSpace::ISMesh::lookupFace ISVertex u,
ISVertex v,
ISVertex w

int InSpace::ISMesh::nedges  )  const [inline]

int InSpace::ISMesh::nfaces  )  const [inline]

int InSpace::ISMesh::nisoFaces  )  const [inline]

int InSpace::ISMesh::ntriStrips  )  const [inline]

int InSpace::ISMesh::nverts  )  const [inline]

int InSpace::ISMesh::pointIntersect Wpt  pobj  ) 

virtual void InSpace::ISMesh::print  )  [inline, virtual]

double InSpace::ISMesh::rayIntersect Wvec  v,
Wpt  p

bool InSpace::ISMesh::readVRML istream *  is  ) 

virtual int InSpace::ISMesh::removeAll  )  [virtual]

virtual int InSpace::ISMesh::removeEdge ISEdge e  )  [virtual]

virtual int InSpace::ISMesh::removeFace ISFace f  )  [virtual]

virtual int InSpace::ISMesh::removeVertex ISVertex v  )  [virtual]

void InSpace::ISMesh::setUseTexCoords int  value  )  [inline]

void InSpace::ISMesh::setUseVertexColors int  value  )  [inline]

void InSpace::ISMesh::setUseVertexNormals int  value  )  [inline]

virtual double InSpace::ISMesh::surfaceArea  )  [virtual]

virtual void InSpace::ISMesh::transform cWtransf xform  )  [virtual]

cARRAY<TriStrip*>& InSpace::ISMesh::tristrips  )  const [inline]

int InSpace::ISMesh::validVertIndices int  i,
int  j,
int  k
const [inline]

int InSpace::ISMesh::validVertIndices int  i,
int  j
const [inline]

cARRAY<ISVertex*>& InSpace::ISMesh::verts  )  const [inline]

virtual double InSpace::ISMesh::volume  )  [virtual]

void InSpace::ISMesh::writeVRML ostream *  ofs  ) 

Member Data Documentation

BBox InSpace::ISMesh::_bbox [protected]

ARRAY<ISEdge*> InSpace::ISMesh::_edges [protected]

ARRAY<ISFace*> InSpace::ISMesh::_faces [protected]

ARRAY<ISFace*> InSpace::ISMesh::_isolatedFaces [protected]

str_ptr InSpace::ISMesh::_name [protected]

ARRAY<TriStrip*> InSpace::ISMesh::_triStrips [protected]

int InSpace::ISMesh::_useTexCoords [protected]

int InSpace::ISMesh::_useVertexColors [protected]

int InSpace::ISMesh::_useVertexNormals [protected]

ARRAY<ISVertex*> InSpace::ISMesh::_verts [protected]

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