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InSpace::DRAWMGR Class Reference

#include <DrawMgr.H>

List of all members.

Static Public Member Functions

void registerObj (DrawObj *o)
void register2DObj (DrawObj *o)
void removeObj (DrawObj *o, bool display=true)
int numObjects ()
DrawObjgetObject (const int num)
void drawObject (DrawObj *const d)
void contextInit ()
void draw (int pass=0)
void frameDone ()
double elapsedTime ()
double timeSinceLastFrame ()
long frameCount ()
void offsetTime (const double offset)
ScreenGrabscreenGrab ()
void drawFullscreenImage (Texture *image, float xmin=0.0, float ymin=0.0, float xmax=1.0, float ymax=1.0)
void drawPaperBackground ()
float paperXOffset ()
float paperYOffset ()
void setPaperXOffset (float o)
void setPaperYOffset (float o)
float paperRepeat ()
void setPaperRepeat (float r)

Static Protected Member Functions

GLenum getLight (const int i)

Static Protected Attributes

ARRAY< DrawObj * > _objects
ARRAY< DrawObj * > _2dObjects
double _startTime
double _lastFrameTime
long _frameCount
int _useDLs
float _paperRepeat
float _paperXOffset
float _paperYOffset
int _paperPass
int _useG3DRendering
 Use G3D rather than straight GL calls whenever possible.

Member Function Documentation

void InSpace::DRAWMGR::contextInit  )  [static]

void InSpace::DRAWMGR::draw int  pass = 0  )  [static]

void InSpace::DRAWMGR::drawFullscreenImage Texture image,
float  xmin = 0.0,
float  ymin = 0.0,
float  xmax = 1.0,
float  ymax = 1.0

draws a texture that covers the entire screen, final arguments specify texture coordinates for the corners of the screen and default to values for drawing the entire image.

void InSpace::DRAWMGR::drawObject DrawObj *const   d  )  [static]

void InSpace::DRAWMGR::drawPaperBackground  )  [static]

double InSpace::DRAWMGR::elapsedTime  )  [static]

long InSpace::DRAWMGR::frameCount  )  [inline, static]

void InSpace::DRAWMGR::frameDone  )  [static]

GLenum InSpace::DRAWMGR::getLight const int  i  )  [static, protected]

DrawObj* InSpace::DRAWMGR::getObject const int  num  )  [inline, static]

int InSpace::DRAWMGR::numObjects  )  [inline, static]

void InSpace::DRAWMGR::offsetTime const double  offset  )  [inline, static]

float InSpace::DRAWMGR::paperRepeat  )  [inline, static]

float InSpace::DRAWMGR::paperXOffset  )  [inline, static]

float InSpace::DRAWMGR::paperYOffset  )  [inline, static]

void InSpace::DRAWMGR::register2DObj DrawObj o  )  [static]

void InSpace::DRAWMGR::registerObj DrawObj o  )  [static]

void InSpace::DRAWMGR::removeObj DrawObj o,
bool  display = true

ScreenGrab* InSpace::DRAWMGR::screenGrab  )  [inline, static]

void InSpace::DRAWMGR::setPaperRepeat float  r  )  [inline, static]

void InSpace::DRAWMGR::setPaperXOffset float  o  )  [inline, static]

void InSpace::DRAWMGR::setPaperYOffset float  o  )  [inline, static]

double InSpace::DRAWMGR::timeSinceLastFrame  )  [static]

Member Data Documentation

ARRAY<DrawObj*> InSpace::DRAWMGR::_2dObjects [static, protected]

long InSpace::DRAWMGR::_frameCount [static, protected]

double InSpace::DRAWMGR::_lastFrameTime [static, protected]

ARRAY<DrawObj*> InSpace::DRAWMGR::_objects [static, protected]

int InSpace::DRAWMGR::_paperPass [static, protected]

rendering pass that the paper background gets drawn in can set to -1 and then call drawPaperBackground on your own if you want complete control of when to draw it.

float InSpace::DRAWMGR::_paperRepeat [static, protected]

Texture* InSpace::DRAWMGR::_paperTexture [static, protected]

float InSpace::DRAWMGR::_paperXOffset [static, protected]

float InSpace::DRAWMGR::_paperYOffset [static, protected]

ScreenGrab* InSpace::DRAWMGR::_screenGrab [static, protected]

ScreenGrabInt* InSpace::DRAWMGR::_screenGrabInt [static, protected]

double InSpace::DRAWMGR::_startTime [static, protected]

int InSpace::DRAWMGR::_useDLs [static, protected]

int InSpace::DRAWMGR::_useG3DRendering [static, protected]

Use G3D rather than straight GL calls whenever possible.

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