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InSpace::Texture Class Reference

#include <Texture.H>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 Texture (str_ptr name, int texType, int width, int height)
 Texture (str_ptr filename, str_ptr name, bool hasRealAlpha=false, int isStencil=false)
virtual ~Texture ()
float * pixelPtr (int w, int h)
void setPixel (int w, int h, Color c)
Color getPixel (int w, int h)
void expandToRGBA ()
void replaceCol (Color col1, Color col2)
void contextInit ()
void bindChangesToGL ()
str_ptr name () const
str_ptr filename () const
int type () const
int width () const
int height () const
GLuint glName ()
GLuint glAlphaName ()
int hasRealAlpha () const
int isStencil () const
double aspect () const
void setHasRealAlpha (const int a)
void setStencil (const int sten)
void fill (Color c)
void print ()
void printRow (int h)
int load (str_ptr filename)
 Loads image from file, picks file format based on extension.

int save (str_ptr filename)
 Saves image to file, picks file format based on extension.

Protected Member Functions

int loadRGB (const char *fname)
int loadPNM (const char *fname)
int loadTarga (const char *fname)
int loadJPG (const char *fname)
int loadBMP (const char *fname)
int loadG3DFormat (const char *fname, const char *formatString)
int saveRGB (const char *fname)
int savePNM (const char *fname)
int saveTarga (const char *fname)
int saveJPG (const char *fname)
int saveBMP (const char *fname)
int saveG3DFormat (const char *fname, const char *formatString)

Protected Attributes

str_ptr _name
str_ptr _filename
GLfloat * _texels
isGlContextData< GLuint > _glname
isGlContextData< GLuint > _glAlphaName
int _texType
int _width
int _height
int _hasRealAlpha
int _isStencil
double _aspect

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

InSpace::Texture::Texture str_ptr  name,
int  texType,
int  width,
int  height

InSpace::Texture::Texture str_ptr  filename,
str_ptr  name,
bool  hasRealAlpha = false,
int  isStencil = false

virtual InSpace::Texture::~Texture  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

double InSpace::Texture::aspect  )  const [inline]

void InSpace::Texture::bindChangesToGL  ) 

void InSpace::Texture::contextInit  ) 

void InSpace::Texture::expandToRGBA  ) 

str_ptr InSpace::Texture::filename  )  const [inline]

void InSpace::Texture::fill Color  c  )  [inline]

Color InSpace::Texture::getPixel int  w,
int  h

GLuint InSpace::Texture::glAlphaName  )  [inline]

GLuint InSpace::Texture::glName  )  [inline]

int InSpace::Texture::hasRealAlpha  )  const [inline]

int InSpace::Texture::height  )  const [inline]

int InSpace::Texture::isStencil  )  const [inline]

int InSpace::Texture::load str_ptr  filename  ) 

Loads image from file, picks file format based on extension.

int InSpace::Texture::loadBMP const char *  fname  )  [protected]

int InSpace::Texture::loadG3DFormat const char *  fname,
const char *  formatString

int InSpace::Texture::loadJPG const char *  fname  )  [protected]

int InSpace::Texture::loadPNM const char *  fname  )  [protected]

int InSpace::Texture::loadRGB const char *  fname  )  [protected]

int InSpace::Texture::loadTarga const char *  fname  )  [protected]

str_ptr InSpace::Texture::name void   )  const [inline]

float* InSpace::Texture::pixelPtr int  w,
int  h

void InSpace::Texture::print  )  [inline]

void InSpace::Texture::printRow int  h  )  [inline]

void InSpace::Texture::replaceCol Color  col1,
Color  col2

int InSpace::Texture::save str_ptr  filename  ) 

Saves image to file, picks file format based on extension.

int InSpace::Texture::saveBMP const char *  fname  )  [protected]

int InSpace::Texture::saveG3DFormat const char *  fname,
const char *  formatString

int InSpace::Texture::saveJPG const char *  fname  )  [protected]

int InSpace::Texture::savePNM const char *  fname  )  [protected]

int InSpace::Texture::saveRGB const char *  fname  )  [protected]

int InSpace::Texture::saveTarga const char *  fname  )  [protected]

void InSpace::Texture::setHasRealAlpha const int  a  )  [inline]

void InSpace::Texture::setPixel int  w,
int  h,
Color  c

void InSpace::Texture::setStencil const int  sten  )  [inline]

int InSpace::Texture::type  )  const [inline]

int InSpace::Texture::width  )  const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

double InSpace::Texture::_aspect [protected]

str_ptr InSpace::Texture::_filename [protected]

isGlContextData<GLuint> InSpace::Texture::_glAlphaName [protected]

isGlContextData<GLuint> InSpace::Texture::_glname [protected]

int InSpace::Texture::_hasRealAlpha [protected]

int InSpace::Texture::_height [protected]

int InSpace::Texture::_isStencil [protected]

str_ptr InSpace::Texture::_name [protected]

GLfloat* InSpace::Texture::_texels [protected]

int InSpace::Texture::_texType [protected]

int InSpace::Texture::_width [protected]

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