VRG3D::ProjectionVRCamera Class Reference

#include <ProjectionVRCamera.H>

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Public Types

enum  EyeProjectionType { LeftEye, RightEye, Cyclops }

Public Member Functions

 ProjectionVRCamera (DisplayTile dispTile, CoordinateFrame initHeadFrame, double interOcularDist=0.2083)
virtual ~ProjectionVRCamera ()
void applyProjection (RenderDevice *rd, EyeProjectionType whichEye)
CoordinateFrame getHeadFrame ()
CoordinateFrame getLeftEyeFrame ()
CoordinateFrame getRightEyeFrame ()
Vector3 getHeadPos ()
Vector3 getCameraPos ()
Vector3 getLookVec ()
DisplayTile getTile ()
void updateHeadFrame (CoordinateFrame frame)
void setDisplayTile (DisplayTile dispTile)
void set_iod (double val)
double get_iod () const

Public Attributes

double iod
 Inter-ocular distance, default = 2.5 inches = 0.2083 feet.
DisplayTile tile
CoordinateFrame headFrame

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VRG3D::ProjectionVRCamera::ProjectionVRCamera ( DisplayTile  dispTile,
CoordinateFrame  initHeadFrame,
double  interOcularDist = 0.2083 

Inter-ocular distance defaults to 2.5 inches = 0.2083 feet, this assumes your virtual coordinates are reported in feet.

virtual VRG3D::ProjectionVRCamera::~ProjectionVRCamera (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void VRG3D::ProjectionVRCamera::applyProjection ( RenderDevice *  rd,
EyeProjectionType  whichEye 

Sets the projection matrix and the camera to world matrix for the RenderDevice based on the current DisplayTile, HeadFrame, and which eye is about to be rendered.

CoordinateFrame VRG3D::ProjectionVRCamera::getHeadFrame (  )  [inline]

References headFrame.

CoordinateFrame VRG3D::ProjectionVRCamera::getLeftEyeFrame (  ) 

CoordinateFrame VRG3D::ProjectionVRCamera::getRightEyeFrame (  ) 

Vector3 VRG3D::ProjectionVRCamera::getHeadPos (  )  [inline]

References headFrame.

Vector3 VRG3D::ProjectionVRCamera::getCameraPos (  )  [inline]

References headFrame.

Vector3 VRG3D::ProjectionVRCamera::getLookVec (  ) 

DisplayTile VRG3D::ProjectionVRCamera::getTile (  )  [inline]

References tile.

void VRG3D::ProjectionVRCamera::updateHeadFrame ( CoordinateFrame  frame  )  [inline]

References headFrame.

void VRG3D::ProjectionVRCamera::setDisplayTile ( DisplayTile  dispTile  )  [inline]

References tile.

void VRG3D::ProjectionVRCamera::set_iod ( double  val  )  [inline]

References iod.

double VRG3D::ProjectionVRCamera::get_iod (  )  const [inline]

References iod.

Member Data Documentation

Inter-ocular distance, default = 2.5 inches = 0.2083 feet.

Referenced by get_iod(), and set_iod().

Referenced by getTile(), and setDisplayTile().

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