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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
CheckerboardStencil.H [code]Draws a checkerboard pattern in the stencil buffer for use with stereo rendering to a SAMSUNG TV display
ConfigMap.H [code]
DisplayTile.H [code]
documentation.H [code]
Event.H [code]
EventNet.H [code]
G3DOperators.H [code]
GlutWindow.h [code]
ICubeXDevice.H [code]Driver for ICubeX midi-based input device
InputDevice.H [code]
ISenseDirect.H [code]This is an untested driver for connecting directly to an Intersense tracking device using the .dll that can be downloaded from intersense
Midi.H [code]
MouseToTracker.H [code]Transforms mouse movement and keypresses into 6D tracker events. For use with testing 6D interaction techniques on a desktop
ProjectionVRCamera.H [code]
SpaceNavDevice.H [code]Driver for the SpaceNavigator device made by 3DConnexion. This also works for other similar devices, like the SpacePilot, although it only supports 2 buttons and 6DOF input from the hockey puck thingy
SynchedSystem.H [code]
TrackDClient.H [code]
VRApp.H [code]
VRG3D.H [code]
VRPNAnalogDevice.H [code]A driver that connects to VRPN and creates Events based on analog data from VRPN
VRPNButtonDevice.H [code]A driver that connects to VRPN and creates Events based on button data from VRPN
VRPNTrackerDevice.H [code]A driver that connects to VRPN and creates CoordinateFrame Events based on tracker data from VRPN

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