VRG3D::DisplayTile Class Reference

#include <DisplayTile.H>

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Public Types

enum  TileRenderType {

Public Member Functions

 DisplayTile (Vector3 topLeftCorner, Vector3 topRightCorner, Vector3 botLeftCorner, Vector3 botRightCorner, TileRenderType tileRenderType, double nearClipPlane, double farClipPlane)
 Sets the state of the tile and calls calculateRoomToTile.
 DisplayTile ()
virtual ~DisplayTile ()
void calculateRoomToTile ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const DisplayTiledefaultDesktopTile ()
 Default setup for a desktop display.

Public Attributes

TileRenderType renderType
double nearClip
double farClip
Vector3 topLeft
Vector3 topRight
Vector3 botLeft
Vector3 botRight
CoordinateFrame room2tile

Detailed Description

A description of the display screen for projection-based VR systems. This is used together with a head position and orientation to setup the appropriate projection matrix for head-tracked rendering.

Important: After setting or changing any of the variables that define the postion of the tile (top*, bot*), calculateRoomToTile() needs to be called to update the room2tile matrix.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VRG3D::DisplayTile::DisplayTile ( Vector3  topLeftCorner,
Vector3  topRightCorner,
Vector3  botLeftCorner,
Vector3  botRightCorner,
TileRenderType  tileRenderType,
double  nearClipPlane,
double  farClipPlane 

Sets the state of the tile and calls calculateRoomToTile.

VRG3D::DisplayTile::DisplayTile (  )  [inline]

virtual VRG3D::DisplayTile::~DisplayTile (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void VRG3D::DisplayTile::calculateRoomToTile (  ) 

Calculates the appropriate room2tile matrix based on the location of the tile. room2tile is cached in this class for speed and used by ProjectionVRCamera each frame. If you change the position of the tile, you should call this to recalculate the room2tile matrix.

static const DisplayTile& VRG3D::DisplayTile::defaultDesktopTile (  )  [static]

Default setup for a desktop display.

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