IS3D::ClusterSyncClient Class Reference

#include <ClusterSync.H>

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Public Member Functions

 ClusterSyncClient (const std::string &serverHost, int serverPort, int myPort, bool verbose=false)
virtual ~ClusterSyncClient ()
 Shuts down the network connection.
void pollServerForEvents ()
void synchronizeSwapBuffers ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IS3D::ClusterSyncClient::ClusterSyncClient ( const std::string &  serverHost,
int  serverPort,
int  myPort,
bool  verbose = false 

Establishes network connection and registers with the server, blocks until all other clients have also successfully registered.

virtual IS3D::ClusterSyncClient::~ClusterSyncClient (  )  [virtual]

Shuts down the network connection.

Member Function Documentation

void IS3D::ClusterSyncClient::pollServerForEvents (  ) 

Requests events from the server, which serializes them and then sends them over. This unserializes them and then places them in the FsaMgr queue.

void IS3D::ClusterSyncClient::synchronizeSwapBuffers (  ) 

This implements a software swap lock. Call this just before calling glSwapBuffers or equivalent. It will block until all clients have reached this point.

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