IS3D::FsaMgr Class Reference

#include <FsaMgr.H>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void addFsaRef (FsaRef fsa)
static void removeFsaRef (FsaRef fsa)
 Removes a Fsa from the list that responds to incoming events.
static void addDeviceLevelFsaRef (FsaRef fsa)
static void queueEvent (EventRef event)
static void queueEventWithoutFilter (EventRef event)
static int numFsas ()
static FsaRef getFsa (int i)
static void addEventAliases (const std::string &eventName, const Array< std::string > &newEventNames)
static void addEventFilter (EventFilterRef f)
static void removeEventFilter (EventFilterRef f)
static void setFullDebug (bool debug)
 Outputs event debugging printouts.
static void setPrintAsQueued (bool debug)
 Outputs events as they are added to the event queue.
static void setPrintAsProcessed (bool debug)
 Outputs event names just before the event is processed.
static void processEventQueue ()
static void processEvent (EventRef event)
static void processEventDeviceLevel (EventRef event)

Member Function Documentation

static void IS3D::FsaMgr::addFsaRef ( FsaRef  fsa  )  [static]

Adds a Fsa to the list of Fsa's that should respond to events as they are generated

static void IS3D::FsaMgr::removeFsaRef ( FsaRef  fsa  )  [static]

Removes a Fsa from the list that responds to incoming events.

static void IS3D::FsaMgr::addDeviceLevelFsaRef ( FsaRef  fsa  )  [static]

Device level Fsa's are processed before the normal Fsa's. Add a Fsa as a device level fsa if it responds to events in order to generate new Events. It just means that these Fsa's are processed first and the Events that they generate are only processed by normal Fsa's, not other DeviceLevel Fsa's.

static void IS3D::FsaMgr::queueEvent ( EventRef  event  )  [static]

Adds an event to the queue. FSA's respond to the event the next time processEventQueue gets called.

Referenced by IS3D::ClusterEventBufferMsg::queueEventBuffer().

static void IS3D::FsaMgr::queueEventWithoutFilter ( EventRef  event  )  [static]

static int IS3D::FsaMgr::numFsas (  )  [static]

static FsaRef IS3D::FsaMgr::getFsa ( int  i  )  [static]

static void IS3D::FsaMgr::addEventAliases ( const std::string &  eventName,
const Array< std::string > &  newEventNames 
) [static]

Sets up aliases for eventName. Whenever an Event named eventName is queued, a copy of the Event renamed to the alias name, is also queued. You can add several aliases for each Event.

static void IS3D::FsaMgr::addEventFilter ( EventFilterRef  f  )  [inline, static]

Filters provide a mechanism for pre-processing events. You can intercept events and change them or block them, etc.. These are for very advanced use only, and in most cases you can do whatever you were thinking of doing with a filter with a Device-Level Fsa, which is the preferred way of doing it.

static void IS3D::FsaMgr::removeEventFilter ( EventFilterRef  f  )  [inline, static]

static void IS3D::FsaMgr::setFullDebug ( bool  debug  )  [static]

Outputs event debugging printouts.

static void IS3D::FsaMgr::setPrintAsQueued ( bool  debug  )  [inline, static]

Outputs events as they are added to the event queue.

static void IS3D::FsaMgr::setPrintAsProcessed ( bool  debug  )  [inline, static]

Outputs event names just before the event is processed.

static void IS3D::FsaMgr::processEventQueue (  )  [static]

Usually called by IS3DEngine when the system is ready to process input

static void IS3D::FsaMgr::processEvent ( EventRef  event  )  [static]

Processes this event immediately, event is not placed on the Queue and no queued events are processed.

static void IS3D::FsaMgr::processEventDeviceLevel ( EventRef  event  )  [static]

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