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Russell E. Jacobs

Beckman Inst., Caltech

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[Laidlaw et al., 2004]
David H. Laidlaw, davidkremers, A.W. Toga, Fritz Drury, and Russell E. Jacobs. Applying Lessons from Visual Art to Exploration of the Brain. Panel in Thirty-Seventh Annual Winter Conference on Brain Research, January 2004. (pdf) (bibtex: Laidlaw-2004-ALV).


[Jacobs et al., 2001]
Russell E. Jacobs, David H. Laidlaw, G. Burns, R. Moats, and A. Toga. Multimodal Multidimensional Digital Develomental Atlas of Mouse Brain. In Winter Conference on Brain Research. Panel Session, January 2001. (bibtex: Jacobs-2001-MMD).


[Jacobs et al., 1999]
Russell E. Jacobs, Eric T. Ahrens, Mary E Dickinson, and David H. Laidlaw. Towards a MicroMRI Atlas of Mouse Development. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, 23(1):15-24, January-February 1999. (pdf) (bibtex: Jacobs-1999-TMA).


[Ahrens et al., 1998]
Eric T. Ahrens, Scott E. Fraser, P. T. Narasimhan, Russell E. Jacobs, and David H. Laidlaw. Multi-valued MR Microscopy of the Embryonic Mouse Nervous System. In abstract and poster, ENC, 1998. (bibtex: Ahrens-1998-MVM).
[Laidlaw et al., 1998]
David H. Laidlaw, Eric T. Ahrens, davidkremers, Matthew J. Avalos, Carol Readhead, and Russell E. Jacobs. Visualizing Diffusion Tensor Images of the Mouse Spinal Cord. In Proceedings of IEEE Visualization 1998, pages 127-134. IEEE Computer Society Press, October 1998. (pdf) (bibtex: Laidlaw-1998-VDT).
[Laidlaw et al., 1998]
David H. Laidlaw, Eric T. Ahrens, Matthew J. Avalos, Mark D. Montague, Alan H. Barr, Russell E. Jacobs, and Scott E. Fraser. Goal-directed Optimization of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. In Neuroscience Abstracts, November 1998. (bibtex: Laidlaw-1998-GOM).


[Laidlaw et al., 1997]
David H. Laidlaw, Alan M. Barr, and Russell E. Jacobs. Goal-directed Magnetic Resonance Brain Micro-imaging. In Neuroinformatics: An Overview of the Human Brain Project, chapter 6, pages 125-202. Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc., 1997. (bibtex: Laidlaw-1997-GDM).


[Ghosh et al., 1995]
Pratik Ghosh, David H. Laidlaw, Kurt W. Fleischer, Alan Barr, and Russell E. Jacobs. Pure Phase-Encoded MRI and Classification of Solids. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 14(3):608-615, 1995. (pdf) (bibtex: Ghosh-1995-PPM).

Other Bibliography


[Ahrens et al., 2002]
Eric T. Ahrens, P.T. Narasimhan, T. Nakada, and Russell E. Jacobs. Small animal neuro-imaging using Magnetic resonance microscopy. Prog. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Sp., 4:275, 2002. (bibtex: Ahrens-2002-SAN).
[Narasimhan and Jacobs, 2002]
P. T. Narasimhan and Russell E. Jacobs. Neuro-Anatomical Micro-Magnetic Resonance Imaging. In Brain Mapping: The Methods. 2nd Edition. Academic Press, New York, NY, 2002. (bibtex: Narasimhan-2002-NMR).
[Ruffins et al., 2002]
S. W. Ruffins, Russell E. Jacobs, and S. E. Fraser. Towards a Tralfamadorian view of the embryo: Multidimensional imaging of development. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 12:580, 2002. (bibtex: Ruffins-2002-TTV).


[Dhenian et al., 2001]
M. Dhenian, S. W. Ruffins, and Russell E. Jacobs. Three-Dimensional Digital Mouse Atlas using High Resolution MRI. Developmental Biology, 232(2):458-470, 2001. (bibtex: Dhenian-2001-TDD).
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