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InSpace::Path Class Reference

#include <Path.H>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 Path ()
virtual ~Path ()
virtual void addPoint (const Wtransf &trans, const double cumulLength=-1)
virtual void setPoint (const int pt, const Wtransf trans, const Wtransf roomtrans)
virtual double getLength () const
virtual int getNumPoints () const
virtual WtransfgetTransAbsolute (const int num)
virtual Wtransf getTrans (const double dist)
virtual Wtransf getTransRelative (const double dist)
virtual double getLengthAt (const int num)
virtual int getIndex (double length)
virtual Wvec distanceFrom (const Wpt pt, int start=0, int end=50000)
virtual Wtransf closestPoint (const Wpt pt, int start=0, int end=50000)
virtual double getPercentAt (const Wpt pt, int start=0, int end=50000)
virtual double getPercentAt (const Wpt pt, const Wvec vec, int start=0, int end=50000)
virtual Pathdifference (Path *path, int numsteps=400)
virtual Pathsum (Path *path, int numsteps=400)
virtual PathlengthSum (Path *path)
virtual PathgetSubPath (double startDist, double length)
virtual void leftmodify (const Wtransf trans)
virtual void rightmodify (const Wtransf trans)
virtual PathgetSuffixAbsolute (const int trans)
virtual PathgetSuffix (const double dist)
virtual PathgetSuffixRelative (const double dist)
virtual ARRAY< Path * > getPathsOfLength (double length, int skipval)
virtual bool isEqual (Path *path)
virtual bool isSignificantlyDifferent (Path *path, double threshold)
virtual void setReferenceLength (const double l)
virtual double getReferenceLength () const
virtual void recalcLength ()
virtual PathgetCopy ()
virtual void print ()
virtual void setChanged (bool c)
virtual bool getChanged ()
virtual ARRAY< Wtransf > & getPts ()
virtual ARRAY< double > & getCumulativeLength ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void updateLength ()
virtual float dist3D_Line_to_Line (Wpt L1a, Wpt L1b, Wpt L2a, Wvec L2v, double &L1t)

Protected Attributes

ARRAY< Wtransf_pts
ARRAY< double > _cumulativeLength
double _length
double _referenceLength
bool _changed
Wtransf temptrans

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

InSpace::Path::Path  ) 

virtual InSpace::Path::~Path  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void InSpace::Path::addPoint const Wtransf trans,
const double  cumulLength = -1

virtual Wtransf InSpace::Path::closestPoint const Wpt  pt,
int  start = 0,
int  end = 50000

virtual Path* InSpace::Path::difference Path path,
int  numsteps = 400

virtual float InSpace::Path::dist3D_Line_to_Line Wpt  L1a,
Wpt  L1b,
Wpt  L2a,
Wvec  L2v,
double &  L1t
[protected, virtual]

virtual Wvec InSpace::Path::distanceFrom const Wpt  pt,
int  start = 0,
int  end = 50000

virtual bool InSpace::Path::getChanged  )  [inline, virtual]

virtual Path* InSpace::Path::getCopy  )  [virtual]

virtual ARRAY<double>& InSpace::Path::getCumulativeLength  )  [inline, virtual]

virtual int InSpace::Path::getIndex double  length  )  [virtual]

virtual double InSpace::Path::getLength  )  const [virtual]

virtual double InSpace::Path::getLengthAt const int  num  )  [virtual]

virtual int InSpace::Path::getNumPoints  )  const [virtual]

virtual ARRAY<Path*> InSpace::Path::getPathsOfLength double  length,
int  skipval

virtual double InSpace::Path::getPercentAt const Wpt  pt,
const Wvec  vec,
int  start = 0,
int  end = 50000

virtual double InSpace::Path::getPercentAt const Wpt  pt,
int  start = 0,
int  end = 50000

virtual ARRAY<Wtransf>& InSpace::Path::getPts  )  [inline, virtual]

virtual double InSpace::Path::getReferenceLength  )  const [inline, virtual]

virtual Path* InSpace::Path::getSubPath double  startDist,
double  length

virtual Path* InSpace::Path::getSuffix const double  dist  )  [virtual]

virtual Path* InSpace::Path::getSuffixAbsolute const int  trans  )  [virtual]

virtual Path* InSpace::Path::getSuffixRelative const double  dist  )  [virtual]

virtual Wtransf InSpace::Path::getTrans const double  dist  )  [virtual]

virtual Wtransf& InSpace::Path::getTransAbsolute const int  num  )  [virtual]

virtual Wtransf InSpace::Path::getTransRelative const double  dist  )  [virtual]

virtual bool InSpace::Path::isEqual Path path  )  [virtual]

virtual bool InSpace::Path::isSignificantlyDifferent Path path,
double  threshold

virtual void InSpace::Path::leftmodify const Wtransf  trans  )  [virtual]

virtual Path* InSpace::Path::lengthSum Path path  )  [virtual]

virtual void InSpace::Path::print  )  [virtual]

virtual void InSpace::Path::recalcLength  )  [virtual]

virtual void InSpace::Path::rightmodify const Wtransf  trans  )  [virtual]

virtual void InSpace::Path::setChanged bool  c  )  [inline, virtual]

virtual void InSpace::Path::setPoint const int  pt,
const Wtransf  trans,
const Wtransf  roomtrans

virtual void InSpace::Path::setReferenceLength const double  l  )  [inline, virtual]

virtual Path* InSpace::Path::sum Path path,
int  numsteps = 400

virtual void InSpace::Path::updateLength  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Data Documentation

bool InSpace::Path::_changed [protected]

ARRAY<double> InSpace::Path::_cumulativeLength [protected]

Interpolator* InSpace::Path::_interp [protected]

double InSpace::Path::_length [protected]

ARRAY<Wtransf> InSpace::Path::_pts [protected]

double InSpace::Path::_referenceLength [protected]

Wtransf InSpace::Path::temptrans [protected]

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