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InSpace::LIGHTMGR Class Reference

#include <LightMgr.H>

List of all members.

Static Public Member Functions

void parseGlueconfig ()
void setHeadPos (Wpt hp)
void setHeadDir (Wvec dir)
bool exists (int light)
Wpt getPos (int light)
Wvec getDir (int light)
int getType (int light)
Color getAmbient (int light)
Color getSpecular (int light)
Color getDiffuse (int light)
double getExponent (int light)
double getCutoff (int light)
double getConstantAtten (int light)
double getLinearAtten (int light)
double getQuadraticAtten (int light)
int numLights ()

Static Protected Attributes

ARRAY< Wpt_pos
ARRAY< Wvec_dir
ARRAY< int > _type
ARRAY< bool > _headTracked
ARRAY< Color_ambient
ARRAY< Color_specular
ARRAY< Color_diffuse
ARRAY< double > _exponent
ARRAY< double > _cutoff
ARRAY< double > _cAtten
ARRAY< double > _lAtten
ARRAY< double > _qAtten

Member Function Documentation

bool InSpace::LIGHTMGR::exists int  light  )  [static]

Color InSpace::LIGHTMGR::getAmbient int  light  )  [static]

double InSpace::LIGHTMGR::getConstantAtten int  light  )  [static]

double InSpace::LIGHTMGR::getCutoff int  light  )  [static]

Color InSpace::LIGHTMGR::getDiffuse int  light  )  [static]

Wvec InSpace::LIGHTMGR::getDir int  light  )  [static]

double InSpace::LIGHTMGR::getExponent int  light  )  [static]

double InSpace::LIGHTMGR::getLinearAtten int  light  )  [static]

Wpt InSpace::LIGHTMGR::getPos int  light  )  [static]

double InSpace::LIGHTMGR::getQuadraticAtten int  light  )  [static]

Color InSpace::LIGHTMGR::getSpecular int  light  )  [static]

int InSpace::LIGHTMGR::getType int  light  )  [static]

int InSpace::LIGHTMGR::numLights  )  [inline, static]

void InSpace::LIGHTMGR::parseGlueconfig  )  [static]

void InSpace::LIGHTMGR::setHeadDir Wvec  dir  )  [static]

void InSpace::LIGHTMGR::setHeadPos Wpt  hp  )  [static]

Member Data Documentation

ARRAY<Color> InSpace::LIGHTMGR::_ambient [static, protected]

ARRAY<double> InSpace::LIGHTMGR::_cAtten [static, protected]

ARRAY<double> InSpace::LIGHTMGR::_cutoff [static, protected]

ARRAY<Color> InSpace::LIGHTMGR::_diffuse [static, protected]

ARRAY<Wvec> InSpace::LIGHTMGR::_dir [static, protected]

ARRAY<double> InSpace::LIGHTMGR::_exponent [static, protected]

ARRAY<bool> InSpace::LIGHTMGR::_headTracked [static, protected]

ARRAY<double> InSpace::LIGHTMGR::_lAtten [static, protected]

ARRAY<Wpt> InSpace::LIGHTMGR::_pos [static, protected]

ARRAY<double> InSpace::LIGHTMGR::_qAtten [static, protected]

ARRAY<Color> InSpace::LIGHTMGR::_specular [static, protected]

ARRAY<int> InSpace::LIGHTMGR::_type [static, protected]

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