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InSpace::G3DEngine Class Reference

#include <G3DEngine.H>

Inherits InSpace::ISVREngine.

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void run (ISApp *app)
int maxScreenWidth ()
int maxScreenHeight ()
void runloop ()

Static Public Member Functions

ISVREnginecreateInstance (int argc, char **argv)
RenderDevice * renderDevice ()
VARArea * varDynamic ()
VARArea * varStatic ()

Protected Member Functions

 G3DEngine (int argc, char **argv)
virtual ~G3DEngine ()
void setProjection (cWtransf &eye2room)
void processSDLInput ()
void mousemotion (int x, int y)
str_ptr getKeyName (SDLKey key)
void sendKbdEvent (str_ptr keyname, bool down)

Protected Attributes

int _drawcount
XYpt _lastPos
int _argc
char ** _argv
Wtransf _room2tile
double _halftilew
double _halftileh
double _nearclip
double _farclip

Static Protected Attributes

GWindow * _gwindow
RenderDevice * _renderDevice
Log * _debugLog
VARArea * _varDynamic
VARArea * _varStatic

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

InSpace::G3DEngine::G3DEngine int  argc,
char **  argv

virtual InSpace::G3DEngine::~G3DEngine  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

ISVREngine* InSpace::G3DEngine::createInstance int  argc,
char **  argv
[inline, static]

str_ptr InSpace::G3DEngine::getKeyName SDLKey  key  )  [protected]

int InSpace::G3DEngine::maxScreenHeight  )  [virtual]

Implements InSpace::ISVREngine.

int InSpace::G3DEngine::maxScreenWidth  )  [virtual]

subclasses should override this so that window setup can easily determine the resolution for fullscreen mode.

Implements InSpace::ISVREngine.

void InSpace::G3DEngine::mousemotion int  x,
int  y

void InSpace::G3DEngine::processSDLInput  )  [protected]

RenderDevice* InSpace::G3DEngine::renderDevice  )  [inline, static]

void InSpace::G3DEngine::run ISApp app  )  [virtual]

called to start up the application, for some implementations (GLUT on an X window system for example) argc and argv can be used to pass display settings etc.. see GLUT doc for more info

Implements InSpace::ISVREngine.

void InSpace::G3DEngine::runloop  ) 

void InSpace::G3DEngine::sendKbdEvent str_ptr  keyname,
bool  down

void InSpace::G3DEngine::setProjection cWtransf eye2room  )  [protected]

VARArea* InSpace::G3DEngine::varDynamic  )  [inline, static]

VARArea* InSpace::G3DEngine::varStatic  )  [inline, static]

Member Data Documentation

int InSpace::G3DEngine::_argc [protected]

char** InSpace::G3DEngine::_argv [protected]

Log* InSpace::G3DEngine::_debugLog [static, protected]

int InSpace::G3DEngine::_drawcount [protected]

double InSpace::G3DEngine::_farclip [protected]

GWindow* InSpace::G3DEngine::_gwindow [static, protected]

double InSpace::G3DEngine::_halftileh [protected]

double InSpace::G3DEngine::_halftilew [protected]

XYpt InSpace::G3DEngine::_lastPos [protected]

double InSpace::G3DEngine::_nearclip [protected]

RenderDevice* InSpace::G3DEngine::_renderDevice [static, protected]

Wtransf InSpace::G3DEngine::_room2tile [protected]

VARArea* InSpace::G3DEngine::_varDynamic [static, protected]

VARArea* InSpace::G3DEngine::_varStatic [static, protected]

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