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InSpace::DrawPoint Class Reference

#include <DrawPoint.H>

Inherits InSpace::DrawObj.

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Public Member Functions

 DrawPoint (Wpt loc=Wpt(0, 0, 0), Color col=Color::red)
virtual ~DrawPoint ()
void setLoc (Wpt p)
void setColor (Color c)
void reColor (Color c)
void drawSphere (Wpt &loc, Color c)
void setSphereRadius (double rad)
void draw ()

Protected Attributes

double _sphereRad
Wpt _loc
float _shininess
Color _specular
Color _emission
Color _color

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

InSpace::DrawPoint::DrawPoint Wpt  loc = Wpt(0,0,0),
Color  col = Color::red

virtual InSpace::DrawPoint::~DrawPoint  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void InSpace::DrawPoint::draw  )  [inline, virtual]

This is the most important function to implement in your subclass. Use GL calls inside this to draw something. This object's xform() has already been pushed onto the MODELVIEW stack when this gets called. If using inspace with G3D, use drawG3D() as a replacement for this function.

Reimplemented from InSpace::DrawObj.

void InSpace::DrawPoint::drawSphere Wpt loc,
Color  c

void InSpace::DrawPoint::reColor Color  c  )  [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from InSpace::DrawObj.

void InSpace::DrawPoint::setColor Color  c  )  [inline]

void InSpace::DrawPoint::setLoc Wpt  p  )  [inline]

void InSpace::DrawPoint::setSphereRadius double  rad  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

Color InSpace::DrawPoint::_color [protected]

Color InSpace::DrawPoint::_emission [protected]

Wpt InSpace::DrawPoint::_loc [protected]

float InSpace::DrawPoint::_shininess [protected]

Color InSpace::DrawPoint::_specular [protected]

double InSpace::DrawPoint::_sphereRad [protected]

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