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InSpace::ColorMap Class Reference

#include <ColorMap.H>

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Public Member Functions

 ColorMap ()
 ColorMap (double minVal, double maxVal)
virtual ~ColorMap ()
void addToMap (const double value, const Color c)
 add a new ColorVal to the map

void changeMap (const double value, const Color c, const double threshold)
 modify existing ColorVal or add a new one as appropriate

void addRegion (double begin, double end, Color c, bool blend=true)
void addRegion (double begin, double end, Color beginc, Color endc, bool blend=true)
void clearRegion (double begin, double end)
void setRegion (double begin, double end, double val, int index)
Color getColor (const double value)
void print ()
virtual int getNumPoints () const
virtual double getValIndexPoint (const int num) const
virtual Color getColorIndexPoint (const int num) const
virtual ColorValgetColorVal (const int num)
void stupidSort ()
void removeVal (ColorVal *const val)
void addVal (ColorVal *const val)
bool equals (ColorMap *const map)
void clear ()
void setColorMap (ColorMap *map)
ColorMapgetCopy ()

Protected Attributes

ARRAY< ColorVal * > _colorVals

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

InSpace::ColorMap::ColorMap  ) 

this constructor creates an empty color map. you have to add colors and their corresponding data values to the map

InSpace::ColorMap::ColorMap double  minVal,
double  maxVal

this constructor creates a default sci-viz color map based around the min and max values specified

virtual InSpace::ColorMap::~ColorMap  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void InSpace::ColorMap::addRegion double  begin,
double  end,
Color  beginc,
Color  endc,
bool  blend = true

void InSpace::ColorMap::addRegion double  begin,
double  end,
Color  c,
bool  blend = true

void InSpace::ColorMap::addToMap const double  value,
const Color  c

add a new ColorVal to the map

void InSpace::ColorMap::addVal ColorVal *const   val  )  [inline]

void InSpace::ColorMap::changeMap const double  value,
const Color  c,
const double  threshold

modify existing ColorVal or add a new one as appropriate

void InSpace::ColorMap::clear  ) 

void InSpace::ColorMap::clearRegion double  begin,
double  end

bool InSpace::ColorMap::equals ColorMap *const   map  ) 

Color InSpace::ColorMap::getColor const double  value  ) 

virtual Color InSpace::ColorMap::getColorIndexPoint const int  num  )  const [virtual]

virtual ColorVal* InSpace::ColorMap::getColorVal const int  num  )  [virtual]

ColorMap* InSpace::ColorMap::getCopy  ) 

virtual int InSpace::ColorMap::getNumPoints  )  const [virtual]

virtual double InSpace::ColorMap::getValIndexPoint const int  num  )  const [virtual]

void InSpace::ColorMap::print  ) 

void InSpace::ColorMap::removeVal ColorVal *const   val  ) 

void InSpace::ColorMap::setColorMap ColorMap map  ) 

void InSpace::ColorMap::setRegion double  begin,
double  end,
double  val,
int  index

void InSpace::ColorMap::stupidSort  ) 

Member Data Documentation

ARRAY<ColorVal*> InSpace::ColorMap::_colorVals [protected]

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