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ISVertex Class Reference

#include <ISVertex.H>

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Public Methods

 ISVertex (cWpt &p=Origin)
 ISVertex (cWpt &p, cWvec &n)
 ISVertex (double x, double y, double z)
virtual ~ISVertex ()
void moveTo (cWpt &p)
void offsetLoc (cWvec &v)
void transform (cWtransf &xform)
void setMesh (ISMesh *m)
void setColor (Color c)
void setTexCoords (float u, float v)
void setNormal (cWvec &n)
cWptloc () const
cWvecnorm () const
Color color ()
float * texcoords ()
int numAdjEdges ()
ISEdgeadjEdge (int k) const
ISVertex * neighborVert (int k)
ISEdgelookupEdge (ISVertex *v)
int isAdjacent (ISVertex *v)
void addEdge (ISEdge *e)
int removeEdge (ISEdge *e)

Protected Attributes

Wpt _loc
ARRAY< ISEdge * > _adjEdges
Color _color
Wvec _norm
float _texcoords [2]


ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, ISVertex v)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ISVertex::ISVertex cWpt   p = Origin [inline]

ISVertex::ISVertex cWpt   p,
cWvec   n

ISVertex::ISVertex double    x,
double    y,
double    z

virtual ISVertex::~ISVertex   [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void ISVertex::addEdge ISEdge   e [inline]

ISEdge* ISVertex::adjEdge int    k const [inline]

Color ISVertex::color   [inline]

int ISVertex::isAdjacent ISVertex *    v

cWpt& ISVertex::loc   const [inline]

ISEdge * ISVertex::lookupEdge ISVertex *    v

void ISVertex::moveTo cWpt   p [inline]

ISVertex * ISVertex::neighborVert int    k

cWvec& ISVertex::norm   const [inline]

int ISVertex::numAdjEdges   [inline]

void ISVertex::offsetLoc cWvec   v [inline]

int ISVertex::removeEdge ISEdge   e [inline]

void ISVertex::setColor Color    c

void ISVertex::setMesh ISMesh   m

void ISVertex::setNormal cWvec   n

void ISVertex::setTexCoords float    u,
float    v

float* ISVertex::texcoords   [inline]

void ISVertex::transform cWtransf   xform [inline]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

ostream& operator<< ostream &    os,
ISVertex    v

Member Data Documentation

ARRAY<ISEdge*> ISVertex::_adjEdges [protected]

Color ISVertex::_color [protected]

Wpt ISVertex::_loc [protected]

ISMesh* ISVertex::_mesh [protected]

Wvec ISVertex::_norm [protected]

float ISVertex::_texcoords[2] [protected]

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