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ISVertex Member List

This is the complete list of members for ISVertex, including all inherited members.
_adjEdgesISVertex [protected]
_colorISVertex [protected]
_locISVertex [protected]
_meshISVertex [protected]
_normISVertex [protected]
_texcoordsISVertex [protected]
addEdge(ISEdge *e)ISVertex [inline]
adjEdge(int k) constISVertex [inline]
color()ISVertex [inline]
isAdjacent(ISVertex *v)ISVertex
ISVertex(cWpt &p=Origin)ISVertex [inline]
ISVertex(cWpt &p, cWvec &n)ISVertex [inline]
ISVertex(double x, double y, double z)ISVertex [inline]
loc() constISVertex [inline]
lookupEdge(ISVertex *v)ISVertex
moveTo(cWpt &p)ISVertex [inline]
neighborVert(int k)ISVertex
norm() constISVertex [inline]
numAdjEdges()ISVertex [inline]
offsetLoc(cWvec &v)ISVertex [inline]
operator<<(ostream &os, ISVertex v)ISVertex [friend]
removeEdge(ISEdge *e)ISVertex [inline]
setColor(Color c)ISVertex
setMesh(ISMesh *m)ISVertex
setNormal(cWvec &n)ISVertex
setTexCoords(float u, float v)ISVertex
texcoords()ISVertex [inline]
transform(cWtransf &xform)ISVertex [inline]
~ISVertex()ISVertex [inline, virtual]

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