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TTYfd Class Reference

#include <tty.H>

Inherits FD_EVENT.

Inherited by DEVemitter_Bird, and DEVflex.

List of all members.

Public Types

enum  TTYparity { TTY_ODD, TTY_EVEN, TTY_NONE }

Public Methods

 TTYfd (const char *dev, const char *name)
 TTYfd ()
virtual ~TTYfd ()
virtual void sample ()
virtual bool activate ()
virtual bool deactivate ()
int open ()
int close ()
int not_configured (int, int)
int clear ()
int send_break (int duration)
void print_flags ()
int set_speed (long speed)
int set_stopbits (int num)
int set_charsize (short size)
int set_parity (TTYparity parity)
int set_min_and_time (int min_num_chars, int min_delay_between_chars_or_total_time)
int set_flags ()
int get_flags ()
int read_synchronized (char sentinel, int sentinel_bit, int which, int record_size, char *buf)
int read_synchronized (char sentinel, int record_size, char *buf)
int read_synchronized (int sentinel_bit, int record_size, char *buf)
int read_all (char *buf, int maxbytes)
int nread (char *buf, int readnum, int timeout_millisecs)
int drain ()
int write (const char *buf, int writenum, int timeout_millisecs)
int setup ()

Protected Types

enum  { MAX_REC_SIZE = 128 }

Protected Attributes

char _dev [256]
char _synch_buf [MAX_REC_SIZE]
int _synch_pos

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum [protected]

Enumeration values:

enum TTYfd::TTYparity

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TTYfd::TTYfd const char *    dev,
const char *    name


virtual TTYfd::~TTYfd   [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

bool TTYfd::activate   [virtual]

Reimplemented in DEVemitter_Bird, and DEVflex.

int TTYfd::clear  

int TTYfd::close  

bool TTYfd::deactivate   [virtual]

Reimplemented in DEVemitter_Bird, and DEVflex.

int TTYfd::drain  

int TTYfd::get_flags  

int TTYfd::not_configured int   ,

int TTYfd::nread char *    buf,
int    readnum,
int    timeout_millisecs

int TTYfd::open  

void TTYfd::print_flags  

int TTYfd::read_all char *    buf,
int    maxbytes

int TTYfd::read_synchronized int    sentinel_bit,
int    record_size,
char *    buf

int TTYfd::read_synchronized char    sentinel,
int    record_size,
char *    buf

int TTYfd::read_synchronized char    sentinel,
int    sentinel_bit,
int    which,
int    record_size,
char *    buf

virtual void TTYfd::sample   [inline, virtual]

Implements FD_EVENT.

Reimplemented in DEVemitter_Bird, and DEVflex.

int TTYfd::send_break int    duration

int TTYfd::set_charsize short    size

int TTYfd::set_flags  

int TTYfd::set_min_and_time int    min_num_chars,
int    min_delay_between_chars_or_total_time

int TTYfd::set_parity TTYparity    parity

int TTYfd::set_speed long    speed

int TTYfd::set_stopbits int    num

int TTYfd::setup  

int TTYfd::write const char *    buf,
int    writenum,
int    timeout_millisecs

Member Data Documentation

char TTYfd::_dev[256] [protected]

TTYfd_privates& TTYfd::_privates [protected]

char TTYfd::_synch_buf[MAX_REC_SIZE] [protected]

int TTYfd::_synch_pos [protected]

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