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DEVflex Class Reference

#include <flex.H>

Inherits DEVdiscrete_contact, and TTYfd.

List of all members.

Public Methods

virtual ~DEVflex ()
 DEVflex (Cstr_ptr &devname)
virtual bool activate ()
virtual bool deactivate ()
virtual void sample ()

Protected Types

enum  op { up = 0, down, strange }

Protected Attributes

str_ptr _serialport
int _baud
unsigned char c1table [256]
unsigned char c2table [256]
unsigned char _downBut [MAX_CONTACTS_AT_ONCE]
unsigned char _moveBut [MAX_CONTACTS_AT_ONCE]
unsigned char _upBut [MAX_CONTACTS_AT_ONCE]
int _numDown
int _numMove
int _numUp
op _operation

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum DEVflex::op [protected]

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual DEVflex::~DEVflex   [inline, virtual]

DEVflex::DEVflex Cstr_ptr &    devname

Member Function Documentation

bool DEVflex::activate   [virtual]

Reimplemented from TTYfd.

bool DEVflex::deactivate   [virtual]

Reimplemented from TTYfd.

void DEVflex::sample   [virtual]

Reimplemented from TTYfd.

Member Data Documentation

int DEVflex::_baud [protected]

unsigned char DEVflex::_downBut[MAX_CONTACTS_AT_ONCE] [protected]

unsigned char DEVflex::_moveBut[MAX_CONTACTS_AT_ONCE] [protected]

int DEVflex::_numDown [protected]

int DEVflex::_numMove [protected]

int DEVflex::_numUp [protected]

op DEVflex::_operation [protected]

str_ptr DEVflex::_serialport [protected]

unsigned char DEVflex::_upBut[MAX_CONTACTS_AT_ONCE] [protected]

unsigned char DEVflex::c1table[256] [protected]

unsigned char DEVflex::c2table[256] [protected]

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