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cavewriting::PeelEffect Class Reference

#include <PeelEffect.H>

Inherits cavewriting::Effect.

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 PeelEffect (Array< Word * > &words, double startTime, double duration=100.0, const Vector3 &goalPosition=Vector3(0, 0, 0), double startYRotation=0.0, double goalYRotation=0.0, bool startPaused=true)
virtual ~PeelEffect ()
virtual void animate ()
 Subclasses should implement.
void setStartYRotation (double val)
void setGoalYRotation (double val)
double getStartYRotation ()
double getGoalYRotation ()

Static Public Member Functions

static PeelEffectfromXML (xercesc::DOMElement *node, bool startPaused=true)
static void stopAll ()

Protected Member Functions

void bounce ()
void firstTime ()
void moveWord ()
bool shouldBounce ()
bool shouldSurround ()
void startSurround ()
bool timesUp ()
bool invokeEndAction ()
bool collapseStarted ()

Protected Attributes

Vector3 _goalPosition
double _goalYRotation
double _startYRotation
Array< Vector3 > _startPositions
bool _firstTime
bool _hasBounced

Static Protected Attributes

static bool _stopAll

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cavewriting::PeelEffect::PeelEffect Array< Word * > &  words,
double  startTime,
double  duration = 100.0,
const Vector3 &  goalPosition = Vector3(0, 0, 0),
double  startYRotation = 0.0,
double  goalYRotation = 0.0,
bool  startPaused = true

virtual cavewriting::PeelEffect::~PeelEffect  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void cavewriting::PeelEffect::animate  )  [virtual]

Subclasses should implement.

Reimplemented from cavewriting::Effect.

void cavewriting::PeelEffect::bounce  )  [protected]

bool cavewriting::PeelEffect::collapseStarted  )  [protected]

void cavewriting::PeelEffect::firstTime  )  [protected]

static PeelEffect* cavewriting::PeelEffect::fromXML xercesc::DOMElement *  node,
bool  startPaused = true

Reads an Effect in from xml. Creates and returns an instance of the appropriate subclass.

Reimplemented from cavewriting::Effect.

double cavewriting::PeelEffect::getGoalYRotation  )  [inline]

double cavewriting::PeelEffect::getStartYRotation  )  [inline]

bool cavewriting::PeelEffect::invokeEndAction  )  [protected]

void cavewriting::PeelEffect::moveWord  )  [protected]

void cavewriting::PeelEffect::setGoalYRotation double  val  )  [inline]

void cavewriting::PeelEffect::setStartYRotation double  val  )  [inline]

bool cavewriting::PeelEffect::shouldBounce  )  [protected]

bool cavewriting::PeelEffect::shouldSurround  )  [protected]

void cavewriting::PeelEffect::startSurround  )  [protected]

static void cavewriting::PeelEffect::stopAll  )  [static]

bool cavewriting::PeelEffect::timesUp  )  [protected]

Member Data Documentation

bool cavewriting::PeelEffect::_firstTime [protected]

Vector3 cavewriting::PeelEffect::_goalPosition [protected]

double cavewriting::PeelEffect::_goalYRotation [protected]

Rotation around the y axis in radians. 1.57 = left wall, 0 = front wall, -1.57 = right wall

bool cavewriting::PeelEffect::_hasBounced [protected]

Array<Vector3> cavewriting::PeelEffect::_startPositions [protected]

double cavewriting::PeelEffect::_startYRotation [protected]

bool cavewriting::PeelEffect::_stopAll [static, protected]

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