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cavewriting::Paddle Class Reference

#include <Paddle.H>

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Public Member Functions

 Paddle (Story *story)
virtual ~Paddle ()
virtual void trackerMove (EventRef e)
Vector3 getPosition ()
double radius ()
void show ()
void hide ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Paddleinstance ()
static bool shouldBounce (NiceTextRef niceText)
static void startBounce (Array< Word * > &words)
static void enableBounce (bool enable)
static void bounceFragment (Word *word, int emptySpotIndex, Section *section)

Protected Attributes

FsaRef _fsa
Array< DrawObjRef > _objs
CoordinateFrame _frame
double _radius
bool _moveDrawObjs
bool _bounceEnabled

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cavewriting::Paddle::Paddle Story story  ) 

virtual cavewriting::Paddle::~Paddle  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

static void cavewriting::Paddle::bounceFragment Word word,
int  emptySpotIndex,
Section section

static void cavewriting::Paddle::enableBounce bool  enable  )  [static]

Vector3 cavewriting::Paddle::getPosition  ) 

void cavewriting::Paddle::hide  ) 

static Paddle* cavewriting::Paddle::instance  )  [inline, static]

double cavewriting::Paddle::radius  ) 

static bool cavewriting::Paddle::shouldBounce NiceTextRef  niceText  )  [static]

void cavewriting::Paddle::show  ) 

static void cavewriting::Paddle::startBounce Array< Word * > &  words  )  [static]

virtual void cavewriting::Paddle::trackerMove EventRef  e  )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

bool cavewriting::Paddle::_bounceEnabled [protected]

CoordinateFrame cavewriting::Paddle::_frame [protected]

FsaRef cavewriting::Paddle::_fsa [protected]

bool cavewriting::Paddle::_moveDrawObjs [protected]

Array<DrawObjRef> cavewriting::Paddle::_objs [protected]

double cavewriting::Paddle::_radius [protected]

Story* cavewriting::Paddle::_story [protected]

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