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cavewriting::FaderEffect Class Reference

#include <FaderEffect.H>

Inherits cavewriting::Effect.

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Public Member Functions

 FaderEffect (Array< Word * > &words, double startTime, double duration=100.0, double startAlpha=1.0, double endAlpha=0.0, bool startPaused=true)
virtual ~FaderEffect ()
virtual void animate ()
 Subclasses should implement.

Static Public Member Functions

static FaderEffectfromXML (xercesc::DOMElement *node, bool startPaused=true)

Protected Attributes

double _startAlpha
double _endAlpha

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cavewriting::FaderEffect::FaderEffect Array< Word * > &  words,
double  startTime,
double  duration = 100.0,
double  startAlpha = 1.0,
double  endAlpha = 0.0,
bool  startPaused = true

virtual cavewriting::FaderEffect::~FaderEffect  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void cavewriting::FaderEffect::animate  )  [virtual]

Subclasses should implement.

Reimplemented from cavewriting::Effect.

static FaderEffect* cavewriting::FaderEffect::fromXML xercesc::DOMElement *  node,
bool  startPaused = true

Reads an Effect in from xml. Creates and returns an instance of the appropriate subclass.

Reimplemented from cavewriting::Effect.

Member Data Documentation

double cavewriting::FaderEffect::_endAlpha [protected]

double cavewriting::FaderEffect::_startAlpha [protected]

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