VRG3D::MouseToTracker Class Reference

#include <MouseToTracker.H>

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Public Member Functions

 MouseToTracker (ProjectionVRCameraRef camera, int numTrackers=1)
virtual ~MouseToTracker ()
void doUserInput (const Array< EventRef > &events, Array< EventRef > &generatedEvents)

Protected Types

enum  FsaStates {

Protected Member Functions

std::string intToString (int i)
void cycleTracker ()
EventRef mouseMoveInPlane (EventRef e)
EventRef mouseMoveInOut (EventRef e)
EventRef mouseMoveRotX (EventRef e)
EventRef mouseMoveRotY (EventRef e)
EventRef mouseMoveRotZ (EventRef e)

Protected Attributes

ProjectionVRCameraRef _camera
FsaStates _fsaState
Matrix3 _rot
Vector3 _trans
Vector2 _lastPos
int _numTrackers
int _curTracker

Detailed Description

Converts mouse movement and keypresses into CoordinateFrame events mimicking 6DOF Tracker input. Useful primarily for debugging VR interactions at a desktop with a mouse. If you hold down the X,Y,or Z key while moving the mouse you'll rotate the tracker around the corresponding local axis. If you specify something >1 for the numTrackers parameter, then you can press the TAB key to cycle through controlling several trackers. The Event names for the trackers are Mouse1_Tracker, Mouse2_Tracker, etc..

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VRG3D::MouseToTracker::MouseToTracker ( ProjectionVRCameraRef  camera,
int  numTrackers = 1 

virtual VRG3D::MouseToTracker::~MouseToTracker (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void VRG3D::MouseToTracker::doUserInput ( const Array< EventRef > &  events,
Array< EventRef > &  generatedEvents 

Call this method each frame to respond to input events that should include Mouse_Pointer events and kbd events. It returns an array of tracker events generated based on the input.

std::string VRG3D::MouseToTracker::intToString ( int  i  )  [protected]

void VRG3D::MouseToTracker::cycleTracker (  )  [protected]

EventRef VRG3D::MouseToTracker::mouseMoveInPlane ( EventRef  e  )  [protected]

EventRef VRG3D::MouseToTracker::mouseMoveInOut ( EventRef  e  )  [protected]

EventRef VRG3D::MouseToTracker::mouseMoveRotX ( EventRef  e  )  [protected]

EventRef VRG3D::MouseToTracker::mouseMoveRotY ( EventRef  e  )  [protected]

EventRef VRG3D::MouseToTracker::mouseMoveRotZ ( EventRef  e  )  [protected]

Member Data Documentation

Matrix3 VRG3D::MouseToTracker::_rot [protected]

Vector3 VRG3D::MouseToTracker::_trans [protected]

Vector2 VRG3D::MouseToTracker::_lastPos [protected]

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