MyVRApp Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 MyVRApp (const std::string &mySetup)
virtual ~MyVRApp ()
void doUserInput (Array< VRG3D::EventRef > &events)
void doGraphics (RenderDevice *rd)

Protected Attributes

Table< std::string,
CoordinateFrame > 
GFontRef _font
MouseToTrackerRef _mouseToTracker
CoordinateFrame _virtualToRoomSpace

Detailed Description

This is a sample VR application using the VRG3D library. Two key methods are filled in here: doGraphics() and doUserInput(). The code in these methods demonstrates how to draw graphics and respond to input from the mouse, the keyboard, 6D trackers, and VR wand buttons.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MyVRApp::MyVRApp ( const std::string &  mySetup  )  [inline]

virtual MyVRApp::~MyVRApp (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void MyVRApp::doUserInput ( Array< VRG3D::EventRef > &  events  )  [inline]

void MyVRApp::doGraphics ( RenderDevice *  rd  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

Table<std::string, CoordinateFrame> MyVRApp::_trackerFrames [protected]

Referenced by doGraphics(), and doUserInput().

GFontRef MyVRApp::_font [protected]

Referenced by doGraphics().

MouseToTrackerRef MyVRApp::_mouseToTracker [protected]

Referenced by doUserInput(), and MyVRApp().

CoordinateFrame MyVRApp::_virtualToRoomSpace [protected]

Referenced by doGraphics(), doUserInput(), and MyVRApp().

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