IS3D::VRMLSeparatorNode Class Reference

#include <VRMLParser.H>

Inherits IS3D::VRMLNode.

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Public Member Functions

virtual int getNodeType ()

Public Attributes

Array< VRMLGroupNodeRef_groups
Array< VRMLSwitchNodeRef_switches
Array< VRMLMaterialNodeRef_materials
Array< VRMLCoordinatesNodeRef_coordinates
Array< VRMLNormalsNodeRef_normals
Array< VRMLSeparatorNodeRef_children
Array< VRMLIndexedFaceNodeRef_faces
VRMLPerspCameraNodeRef _perspCamera

Member Function Documentation

virtual int IS3D::VRMLSeparatorNode::getNodeType (  )  [inline, virtual]

Implements IS3D::VRMLNode.

References IS3D::VRMLNode::SEP_NODE.

Member Data Documentation

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