IS3D::SpinLockBarrierRenderingSide Class Reference

#include <ClusterBarrierRenderingSide.H>

Inherits IS3D::SpinLockBarrier.

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool init ()
 Returns true on successful initialization. False if not.
virtual void stop ()


class ClusterCreator

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool IS3D::SpinLockBarrierRenderingSide::init (  )  [virtual]

Returns true on successful initialization. False if not.

Implements IS3D::ClusterBarrier.

virtual void IS3D::SpinLockBarrierRenderingSide::stop (  )  [virtual]

Calling stop on an MPI-side and on its corresponding Rendering-side barrier guaruntees that both processes will exit this call at the same time. 'Corresponding' barriers are created by calling init() on the barriers in the same order (thus returning equal values from ClusterCreator::nextIPCKey()).

Implements IS3D::ClusterBarrier.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ClusterCreator [friend]

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