IS3D::SelectMgr Class Reference

#include <SelectMgr.H>

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Static Public Member Functions

static DrawObjRef findSelectedObjRoomPt (const Vector3 &pr)
static DrawObjRef findSelectedObjVirtualPt (const Vector3 &pv)
static DrawObjRef findSelectedObj (const Vector3 &pointRoom, const Vector3 &pointVirtual)
static void clearSelection ()
static void addToSelection (DrawObjRef obj)
static void removeFromSelection (DrawObjRef obj)
static bool selectionContains (DrawObjRef d)
static int getNumSelected ()
static DrawObjRef getSelectedObj (const int i)

Static Protected Attributes

static Array< DrawObjRef_selected

Member Function Documentation

static DrawObjRef IS3D::SelectMgr::findSelectedObjRoomPt ( const Vector3 &  pr  )  [static]

static DrawObjRef IS3D::SelectMgr::findSelectedObjVirtualPt ( const Vector3 &  pv  )  [static]

static DrawObjRef IS3D::SelectMgr::findSelectedObj ( const Vector3 &  pointRoom,
const Vector3 &  pointVirtual 
) [static]

static void IS3D::SelectMgr::clearSelection (  )  [static]

static void IS3D::SelectMgr::addToSelection ( DrawObjRef  obj  )  [static]

static void IS3D::SelectMgr::removeFromSelection ( DrawObjRef  obj  )  [static]

static bool IS3D::SelectMgr::selectionContains ( DrawObjRef  d  )  [static]

static int IS3D::SelectMgr::getNumSelected (  )  [static]

static DrawObjRef IS3D::SelectMgr::getSelectedObj ( const int  i  )  [static]

Member Data Documentation

Array<DrawObjRef> IS3D::SelectMgr::_selected [static, protected]

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