IS3D::ModalVRFsa Class Reference

#include <ModalVRFsa.H>

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Public Member Functions

 ModalVRFsa (FsaRef fsa)
virtual ~ModalVRFsa ()
void startModal (bool leaveHeadTrackingOn=true)
void endModal ()

Detailed Description

Facilites popping up a modal widget (like a Windows popup dialog, that you must respond to before continuing with the program) in VR where generally, you want other Fsa's to be disabled when this one is activated, except you still want headtracking and devices to work. This keeps those things going, but disables all other Fsas.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IS3D::ModalVRFsa::ModalVRFsa ( FsaRef  fsa  ) 

virtual IS3D::ModalVRFsa::~ModalVRFsa (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void IS3D::ModalVRFsa::startModal ( bool  leaveHeadTrackingOn = true  ) 

void IS3D::ModalVRFsa::endModal (  ) 

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