IS3D::ICubeXDevice Class Reference

#include <ICubeXDevice.H>

Inherits IS3D::PolledDevice.

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Public Member Functions

 ICubeXDevice (const std::string &activeChannels)
 ICubeXDevice (const std::string &activeChannels, int midiInDeviceNum, int midiOutDeviceNum)
virtual ~ICubeXDevice ()
void pollForEvents ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ICubeXDevicefromConfigVals (const std::string &devname)
 Creates a device from settings stored in ConfigVals.

Protected Member Functions

void init ()
void reportChannel (int channel, double data)

Protected Attributes

std::string _activeChannelsStr
Array< int > _activeChannels
int _inDevNum
int _outDevNum
double _channelData [32]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IS3D::ICubeXDevice::ICubeXDevice ( const std::string &  activeChannels  ) 

This constructor will prompt the user for the midi ports to open. activeChannels is a space separated list of channel numbers to listen for events on. These range from 1 to 32 and correspond to the numbers printed on the device itself.

IS3D::ICubeXDevice::ICubeXDevice ( const std::string &  activeChannels,
int  midiInDeviceNum,
int  midiOutDeviceNum 

This constructor opens a midi-in and midi-out device by their number. You can get the available midi device names with the calls: IS3D::MidiInDevice::getAvailableDeviceNames() and also IS3D::MidiOutDevice::getAvailableDeviceNames(). The device number is the index of the device in the array returned by these calls.

virtual IS3D::ICubeXDevice::~ICubeXDevice (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

static ICubeXDevice* IS3D::ICubeXDevice::fromConfigVals ( const std::string &  devname  )  [static]

Creates a device from settings stored in ConfigVals.

void IS3D::ICubeXDevice::pollForEvents (  )  [virtual]

Implements IS3D::PolledDevice.

void IS3D::ICubeXDevice::init (  )  [protected]

void IS3D::ICubeXDevice::reportChannel ( int  channel,
double  data 
) [protected]

Member Data Documentation

std::string IS3D::ICubeXDevice::_activeChannelsStr [protected]

Array<int> IS3D::ICubeXDevice::_activeChannels [protected]

double IS3D::ICubeXDevice::_channelData[32] [protected]

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