IS3D::DefaultMouseNav Class Reference

#include <DefaultMouseNav.H>

Inherits IS3D::AnimObj.

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Public Member Functions

 DefaultMouseNav ()
virtual ~DefaultMouseNav ()
void startEnter (EventRef e)
void initialClick (EventRef e)
void checkMovementForPanOrDolly (EventRef e)
void panMove (EventRef e)
void dollyMove (EventRef e)
void rotOn (EventRef e)
void rotMove (EventRef e)
void spinDecision (EventRef e)
void spinningEnter (EventRef e)
void spinOff (EventRef e)
void scaleUp (EventRef e)
void scaleDown (EventRef e)
void animate ()

Protected Attributes

FsaRef _fsa
Vector2 _ptrOffset
Vector2 _lastPos
Vector2 _initialClickPos
double _initialClickTime
bool _hitGeometry
Vector3 _hitPoint
DrawObjRef _hitPointIcon
Vector3 _lastIntersectionPt
Sphere _boundingSphere
double _lastRotTime
double _rotAngularVel
Vector3 _rotAxis

Detailed Description

This mouse navigation is derived from "Unicam" by Zeleznik et al.

Relevant ConfigVal's:

"DefaultMouseNav_btn" specifies the button event used, set this to something different to use an alternative to the left mouse button.

"DefaultMouseNav_ptr" specifies the 2D event corresponding to mouse movement.

"DefaultMouseNav_ptrOffset" is an offset in IS3D screen coords, if you have a 3D icon attached to the mouse, then the Z calculation for the mouse click will hit that 3D icon rather than the underlying geometry that you usually want it to. This offsets the mouse click location in screen coords so you won't hit the geometry.

Interaction Description:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::DefaultMouseNav (  ) 

virtual IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::~DefaultMouseNav (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::startEnter ( EventRef  e  ) 

void IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::initialClick ( EventRef  e  ) 

void IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::checkMovementForPanOrDolly ( EventRef  e  ) 

void IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::panMove ( EventRef  e  ) 

void IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::dollyMove ( EventRef  e  ) 

void IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::rotOn ( EventRef  e  ) 

void IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::rotMove ( EventRef  e  ) 

void IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::spinDecision ( EventRef  e  ) 

void IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::spinningEnter ( EventRef  e  ) 

void IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::spinOff ( EventRef  e  ) 

void IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::scaleUp ( EventRef  e  ) 

void IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::scaleDown ( EventRef  e  ) 

void IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::animate (  )  [virtual]

Implements IS3D::AnimObj.

Member Data Documentation

Vector2 IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::_ptrOffset [protected]

Vector2 IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::_lastPos [protected]

Vector3 IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::_hitPoint [protected]

Vector3 IS3D::DefaultMouseNav::_rotAxis [protected]

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