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Visualization of Wrist Bones and Ligaments (2001-)

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[Akhbari et al., 2019]
bakhbari, Douglas Moore, David H. Laidlaw, Edward Akelman, Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, Scott W. Wolfe, and Joseph J. Crisco. Two Distinct Carpal Bone Motion Patterns Revealed from a Kinematic Model. In 2019 Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society. Orthopaedic Research Society, February 2003. (pdf) (bibtex: Akhbari-2019-TDC).


[Halilaj et al., 2015]
Eni Halilaj, Douglas Moore, David H. Laidlaw, Christopher J. Got, Amy L. Ladd, Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, and jcrisco. The Articular Morphology of the First Caprpometacarpal Joint Does Not Differ between Men and Women, but Changes with Aging and Early Osteoarthritis . Journal of Biomechanics, pages Vol.47(11): pp 2709--14, 2015. published (bibtex: Halilaj-2015-OAW).
[Halilaj et al., 2015]
Eni Halilaj, Michael J. Rainbow, Douglas Moore, David H. Laidlaw, Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, Amy L. Ladd, and jcrisco. In vivo recruitment patterns in the anterior oblique and dorsoradial ligaments of the first carpometacarpal joint . Journal of Biomechanics, 2015. published (pdf) (bibtex: Halilaj-2015-RPA).


[Halilaj et al., 2014]
Eni Halilaj, Douglas Moore, Tarpit K. Patel, David H. Laidlaw, Amy L. Ladd, Arnold-Peter C., and jcrisco. Thumb Carpometacarpal Joint Congruence during Functional Tasks and Thumb Range-of-Motion Activities . In Proceedings of the 36th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2014. published (pdf) (bibtex: Halilaj-2014-IEE).
[Halilaj et al., 2014]
Eni Halilaj, David H. Laidlaw, Douglas Moore, and jcrisco. Polar Histograms of Curvature for Quantifying Skeletal Joint Shape and Congruence . Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, pages 136(9), 094503, 2014. published (pdf) (bibtex: Halilaj-2014-JBE).


[Halilaj et al., 2013]
Eni Halilaj, Michael J. Rainbow, Douglas Moore, David H. Laidlaw, and Joseph J. Crisco. In Vivo Modeling of the Anterior Oblique Ligament. In Proceedings of CMBBE, 2013. (pdf) (bibtex: Halilaj-2013-CMB).
[Halilaj et al., 2013]
Eni Halilaj, David H. Laidlaw, Douglas Moore, and jcrisco. How Do Sex, Age, and Osteoarthritis Affect Cartilage Thickness at the First Carpometacarpal Joint? Insights from Subject-Specific Modeling . In Proceedings of Bio-Imaging and Visualization for Patient-Customized Simulations—MICCAI Workshop, pages 103--111, 2013. published (bibtex: Halilaj-2013-MIC).


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Michael J. Rainbow, Joseph J. Crisco, Douglas Moore, Robin N. Kamal, David H. Laidlaw, Edward Akelman, and Scott W. Wolfe. Elongation of the Dorsal Carpal Ligaments: A Computational Study of In Vivo Carpal Kinematics. The Journal of Hand Surgery, 2012. (bibtex: Rainbow-2012-EDC).


[Marai et al., 2007]
G. Elisabeta Marai, Cindy Grimm, and David H. Laidlaw. Arthrodial Joint Markerless Cross-Parameterization and Biomechanical Visualization. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 13(5):1095-1104, September 2007. (pdf) (bibtex: Marai-2007-ABS).


[Crisco et al., 2006]
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[Marai et al., 2006]
G. Elisabeta Marai, Joseph Crisco, and David H. Laidlaw. A Kinematics-Based Method For Generating Cartilage Maps and Deformations in the Multi-Articulating Wrist Joint From CT Images. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS), New York, NY, September 2006. (pdf) (bibtex: Marai-2006-AKB).
[Marai et al., 2006]
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[Marai and Laidlaw, 2005]
G. Elisabeta Marai and David H. Laidlaw. Markerless inter-subject bone shape matching using 2D projections. In MICCAI 2005 short papers, 2005. (pdf) (bibtex: Marai-2005-MIS).


[Marai et al., 2004]
G. Elisabeta Marai, Cagatay Demiralp, Stuart Andrews, and David H. Laidlaw. JointViewer an interactive system for exploring orthopedic data. IEEE Visualization 2004 Poster Compendium, October 2004. (pdf) (bibtex: Marai-2004-JAI).


[Crisco et al., 2003]
Joseph J. Crisco, G. Elisabeta Marai, David H. Laidlaw, Douglas Moore, and E. Akelman. KINEMATIC AND MECHANICAL CHANGES IN THE DISTAL RADIOULNAR JOINT (DRUJ) OF PATIENTS WITH MALUNITED DISTAL RADIUS FRACTURES. In 49th Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society, New Orleans, LA. Orthopaedic Research Society, February 2003. (pdf) (bibtex: Crisco-2003-KMC).
[Marai et al., 2003]
G. Elisabeta Marai, David H. Laidlaw, James J Coburn, Mohammad A Upal, and Joseph J. Crisco. A 3D Method for Segmenting and Registering Carpal Bones from CT Volume Images. In Proceedings of Annual Meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics, September 2003. (pdf) (ppt) (bibtex: Marai-2003-3DM).
[Marai et al., 2003]
G. Elisabeta Marai, David H. Laidlaw, Cagatay Demiralp, Stuart Andrews, Cindy Grimm, and Joseph J. Crisco. Estimating joint contact areas and ligament lengths from bone kinematics and surfaces. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 51(5):790-799, May 2003. (pdf) (bibtex: Marai-2003-EJC).


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[Marai et al., 2002]
G. Elisabeta Marai, Cagatay Demiralp, Stuart Andrews, David H. Laidlaw, Cindy Grimm, and Joseph J. Crisco. Visualization of Contact Areas and Ligament Paths in Joints. Technical Report CS-02-15, Brown University Computer Science Department, August 2002. (pdf) (bibtex: Marai-2002-VOC).
[Marai et al., 2002]
G. Elisabeta Marai, David H. Laidlaw, Cagatay Demiralp, Cindy Grimm, Joseph J. Crisco, Douglas Moore, and E. Akelman. Contact Areas and Ligament Lengths are Abnormal in Patients with Malunited Distal Radius Fracture Despite Normal Radioulnar Kinematics. In World Congress Biomechanics, 2002. (pdf) (bibtex: Marai-2002-CAA).


[Crisco et al., 2001]
Joseph J. Crisco, Cagatay Demiralp, David H. Laidlaw, A-P. C. Weiss, E. Akelman, and S.W. Wolfe. Interactive Visualization of 3D Carpal Kinematics and Bony Anatomy. In Am. Soc. for Surgery of the Hand 56th Annual Meeting, October 2001. (bibtex: Crisco-2001-IV3).
[Demiralp et al., 2001]
Cagatay Demiralp, G. Elisabeta Marai, Stuart Andrews, David H. Laidlaw, Joseph J. Crisco, and Cindy Grimm. Modeling and Visualization of Inter-Bone Distances in Joints. In Visualization '01 Work in Progress Proceedings, pages 24-25, October 2001. (pdf) (bibtex: Demiralp-2001-MVI).

Other Bibliography


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