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Vadim Slavin's CS237 Bibliography

Author: Vadim Slavin

[Jackson et al., 2003]
Cullen Jackson, Daniel Acevedo, David H. Laidlaw, Fritz Drury, Eileen Vote, and Daniel Keefe. Designer-critiqued Comparison of 2D Vector Visualization Methods: A Pilot Study. In SIGGRAPH 2003 Sketches and Applications. ACM SIGGRAPH, 2003. (pdf) (bibtex: Jackson-2003-DCC).
[Sigfridsson, 2002]
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[Laidlaw et al., 2001]
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[Andrienko and Allen, 2000]
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[Billeter and Pelcovits, 2000]
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[Pelcovits and Billeter, 2000]
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[Zhang et al., 2000]
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[Andrienko and Allen, 1999]
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[Billeter et al., 1999]
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[Billeter and Pelcovits, 1998]
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[Laidlaw et al., 1998]
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