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Radu's Protein Vis. List

Author: Radu Jianu

[Meering et al., 2005]
C. Meering, L.J. Jensen, B. Snel, S.D. Hooper, M. Krupp, M. Foglierini, N. Jouffre, M. Huynen, and P. Bork. String: known and predicted protein-protein associations, integrated and transferred across organisms. Nucleic Acids Research, 2005. (pdf) (bibtex: Meering-2005-STR).
[Mering et al., 2003]
C. Mering, M. Huynen, D. Jaeggi, S. Schimdt, P. Bork, and B. Snel. String: a database of predicted functional associations between proteins. Nucleic Acids Research, 2003. (pdf) (bibtex: Mering-2003-STR).
[Snel et al., 2000]
B. Snel, G. Lehman, P. Bork, and M. A. Huynen. String: a web based server to retrieve and display the repeatedly occuring of a gene. Nucleic Acids Research, 2000. (pdf) (bibtex: Snel-2000-STR).
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