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Guillaume Marceau's CS237 Bibliography

Author: Guillaume Marceau

[Heuzeroth et al., 2003]
Dirk Heuzeroth, Thomas Holl, , Gustaz Hogtrom, and Welf Lowe. Automatic Design Pattern Detection. In Unknown, 2003. (pdf) (bibtex: Heuzeroth-2003-ADP).
This is the design detection algorithm we will use.
[Lanza, 2002]
Michele Lanza. CodeCrawler—A Lightweight Software Visualization Tool. In Unknown, 2002. (pdf) (bibtex: Lanza-2002-CLS).
A recent software visualization system that, despite all its effort, is not all that useful. Yet, this project is also typical of most visualizations tool, in particular since it does not support navigation at varied levels of abstraction.
[Bowman et al., 1999]
Ivan T. Bowman, Richard C. Holt, and Neil V. Brewster. Linux as a Case Study: Its Extracted Software Architecture. In Unknown, 1999. (pdf) (bibtex: Bowman-1999-LCS).
This case study highlight that design extracted mechanicly from source code contains lots of misleading artefact. They cite frequent sources of such artefact, like performance issues, loosely abstract code reuse and bug in the implementation of the design.
[Storey et al., 1997]
Margaret-Anne D. Storey, Kenny Wong, and Haussi A. Muller. Rigi: A Visualization Environment for Reverse Engineering. In Unknown, 1997. (ps) (bibtex: Storey-1997-RVE).
A software visualization which does support a tower of abstraction
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