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Author: Daniel Acevedo

[Acevedo, 2007]
Daniel Acevedo. Blob bathing Blog. PhD thesis, CS, 2007. Unpublished (bibtex: Acevedo-2007-BBB).
[Fraser, 2003]
Scott Fraser. NIH Review Process. An Overview. Unpublished (ppt) (bibtex: Fraser-2003-NIH), 2003.
[Marusic et al., 2000]
Ivan Marusic, Graham Candler, Victoria Interrante, M. Pino Martin, Pramod Subbareddy, and Alin Moss. Detection and Tracking of Coherent Features in a Mach 4 Turbulent Boundary Layer. In American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Papers, pages 2000-2414, June 2000. (pdf) (bibtex: Marusic-2000-DTC).
REally cool paper!
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