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Brain Anatomy

Author: Daniel Acevedo

[Paul et al., 2016]
Robert H. Paul, Sarah Phillips, Jacqueline Hoare, David H. Laidlaw, Ryan Cabeen, Gayla R. Olbricht, Yuqing Su, Dan J. Stein, Susan Engelbrecht, Sorava Seedat, Lauren E. Salminen, Laurie M. Baker, Jodi Heaps, and John Joska. Neuroimaging abnormalities in clade C HIV are independent of Tat genetic diversity. Journal of NeuroVirology, 2016. (pdf) (bibtex: Paul-2016-NAC).
[Dickie et al., 2015]
David Alexander Dickie, Shadia Mikhael, Dominic E. Job, Joanna M. Wardlaw, David H. Laidlaw, and Mark Bastin. Permutation and parametric tests for effect sizes in voxel-based morphormetry of grey matter volume in brain structural MRI. In Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2015. (pdf) (bibtex: Dickie-2015-PPT).
[Dickie et al., 2014]
David Alexander Dickie, Dominic E. Job, Joanna M. Wardlaw, David H. Laidlaw, and Mark Bastin. Evidence of non-normal distributions in brain imaging data from normal subjects: implications for diagnosis of disease. In Proceedings International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), 2014. (pdf) (bibtex: Dickie-2014-END).
[McLaughlin et al., 2007]
Nicole C.R. McLaughlin, Robert Paul, Stuart M. Grieve, Leanne M. Williams, David H. Laidlaw, Margaret DiCarlo, Richard Clark, William Whelihan, Ronald Cohen, Thomas J. Whitford, and Evian Gordon. Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the Corpus Callosum: A Cross-Sectional Study Across the Lifespan. International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience, 25(4):215-221, June 2007. (pdf) (bibtex: McLaughlin-2007-DTI).
[Paul et al., 2007]
Robert H. Paul, David H. Laidlaw, David F. Tate, Stephanie Lee, Karin Hoth, John Gunstad, Song Zhang, Jeffrey Lawrence, and Tim Flanigan. Neuropsychological and Neuroimaging Outcome of HIV-associated Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy in the Era of Antiretroviral Therapy. Journal of Integrative Neurocience, 6(1):191-204, March 2007. (pdf) (bibtex: Paul-2007-NNO).
[Correia et al., 2006]
Stephen Correia, Stephanie Lee, Paul Malloy, Neil Mehta, Song Zhang, Steven Salloway, and David H. Laidlaw. Diffusion-Tensor MRI Tractography Methods for Assessing White Matter Health and Its Relationship to Cognitive Functioning. In Proceedings of the International Neurophisiological Society, Boston, February 2006. (doc) (bibtex: Correia-2006-DTM).
[Demiralp et al., 2006]
Cagatay Demiralp, Cullen Jackson, David Karelitz, Song Zhang, and David H. Laidlaw. CAVE and Fishtank Virtual-Reality Displays: A Qualitative and Quantitative Comparison. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 12(3):323-330, May 2006. (pdf) (bibtex: Demiralp-2006-CFV).
[Lee et al., 2006]
Stephanie Lee, Stephen Correia, David Tate, Robert Paul, Song Zhang, Steven Salloway, Paul Malloy, and David H. Laidlaw. Quantitative Tract-of-Interest Metrics for White-Matter Integrity Based on Diffusion Tensor MRI Data. In Proceedings International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), 2006. (pdf) (bibtex: Lee-2006-QTM).
[Malloy et al., 2006]
Paul Malloy, Stephen Correia, Glenn Stebbins, and David H. Laidlaw. Neuroimaging of White Matter in Aging and Dementia. The Clinical Neuropsychologist: Special Issue on New Technologies, Invited Manuscript, 2006. In Press (bibtex: Malloy-2006-NWM).
[Thottakara et al., 2006]
Paul Thottakara, Mariana Lazar, Sterling C. Johnson, and Andrew L. Alexander. Application of Brodmann's area templates for ROI selection in white matter tractography studies. NeuroImage, 29(3):868-878, February 2006. (pdf) (bibtex: Thottakara-2006-ABA).
[Zhang et al., 2006]
Song Zhang, Stephen Correia, David F. Tate, and David H. Laidlaw. Correlating DTI fiber clusters with white-matter anatomy. In Proceedings International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), 2006. (pdf) (bibtex: Zhang-2006-CDC).
[Correia et al., 2005]
Stephen Correia, Thea Brennan-Krohn, Erin Schlicting, Song Zhang, David H. Laidlaw, Paul Malloy, and Steven Salloway. Diffusion-tensor imaging in vascular cognitive impairment and mild cognitive impairment: relationship with executive functioning. In Proceedings of the 2nd Congress of the International Society for Vascular, Cognitive and Behavioural Disorders, Florence, Italy, June 2005. (pdf) (bibtex: Correia-2005-DTV).
[Ffytche and Catani, 2005]
Dominic H. Ffytche and Marco Catani. Beyond localization: from Hodology to Function. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 360:767-779, April 2005. (pdf) (bibtex: Ffytche-2005-BLH).
[Jones et al., 2005]
Derek K. Jones, Adam R. Travis, Greg Eden, Carlo Pierpaoli, and Peter Basser. PASTA: Pointwise Assessment of Streamline Tractography Attributes. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 53:1462-1467, 2005. (pdf) (bibtex: Jones-2005-PPA).
[Kaufman et al., 2005]
Jason A. Kaufman, Eric T. Ahrens, David H. Laidlaw, Song Zhang, and John M. Allman. Anatomical analysis of an aye-aye brain (Daubentonia madagascariensis, primates: Prosimii) combining histology, structural magnetic resonance imaging, and diffusion-tensor imaging. Anatomical Record, 287A(1):1026-1037, November 2005. (pdf) (bibtex: Kaufman-2005-AAA).
[Moffat et al., 2005]
Bradford A. Moffat, Thomas L. Chenevert, Theodore S. Lawrence, Charles R. Meyer, Timothy D. Johnson, Qian Dong, Christina Tsien, Suresh Mukherji, Douglas J. Quint, Stephen S. Gebarski, Patricia L. Robertson, Larry R. Junck, Alnawaz Rehemtulla, and Brian D. Ross. Functional diffusion map: A noninvasive MRI biomarker for early stratification of clinical brain tumor response. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 102(15):5524-5529, April 2005. (pdf) (bibtex: Moffat-2005-FDM).
[Zhang and Laidlaw, 2005]
Song Zhang and David H. Laidlaw. DTI Fiber Clustering and Cross-subject Cluster Analysis. In Proceedings International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), Miami, FL, May 2005. (pdf) (bibtex: Zhang-2005-DFC).
[Correia et al., 2004]
Stephen Correia, Thea Brennan-Krohn, Song Zhang, David H. Laidlaw, Paul Malloy, and Steven Salloway. Diffusion-Tensor Imaging and Executive Function in Subcortical Ischemic Vascular Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment. In Proceedings of the International Neurophisiological Society, 2004. (pdf) (doc) (bibtex: Correia-2004-DIE).
[Correia et al., 2004]
Steve Correia, Song Zhang, David H. Laidlaw, Paul Malloy, and Steven Salloway. Diffusion-tensor imaging: linear, planar, and spherical diffusion in CADASIL. In 9th International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders, 2004. (bibtex: Correia-2004-DTI).
[Farkas et al., 2004]
Eszter Farkas, Gergely Donka, Rob A. I. de Vos, Andras Mihaly, Ferenc Bari, and Paul G. M. Luiten. Experimental cerebral hypoperfusion induces white matter injury and microglial activation in the rat brain. Acta Neuropathol, 108:57-64, 2004. (pdf) (bibtex: Farkas-2004-ECH).
[Field et al., 2004]
A.S. Field, A.L. Alexander, Y.C. Wu, K.M. Hasan, B. Witwer, and B. Badie. Diffusion tensor eigenvector directional color imaging patterns in the evaluation of cerebral white matter tracts altered by tumor. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 20:555-562, 2004. (bibtex: Field-2004-DTE).
[Laidlaw et al., 2004]
David H. Laidlaw, Song Zhang, Mark Bastin, Stephen Correia, Steven Salloway, and Paul Malloy. Ramifications of Isotropic Sampling and Acquisition Orientation on DTI Analyses. Poster for Research Day at Butler Hospital, Providence, RI, 2004. (pdf) (ppt) (bibtex: Laidlaw-2004-RIA).
[Ding et al., 2003]
Song-Lin Ding, Robert J. Morecraft, and Gary W. Van Hoesen. Topography, Cytoarchitecture, and Cellular Phenotypes of Cortical Areas That Form the Cingulo-Parahippocampal Isthmus and Adjoining Retrocalcarine Areas in the Monkey. The Journal of Comparative Neurology, 456(2):184-201, 2003. (pdf) (bibtex: Ding-2003-TCC).
[Morecraft and Hoesen, 2003]
R.J. Morecraft and G.W. Van Hoesen. Functional Neuroanatomy of Limbic Structures and Some Relationships with Prefrontal Cortex. In Neuropsychiatry, 2nd Ed., pages 294-327. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2003. (bibtex: Morecraft-2003-FNL).
[Wiegell et al., 2003]
M. R. Wiegell, D. S. Tuch, H. B. Larsson, and V. J. Wedeen. Automatic segmentation of thalamic nuclei from diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging. Neuroimage, 19:391-401, June 2003. (pdf) (bibtex: Wiegell-2003-AST).
[Beaulieu, 2002]
Christian Beaulieu. The Basis of Anisotropic Water Diffusion in the Nervous System—A Technical Review. NMR in Biomedicine, 15:435-455, 2002. (pdf) (bibtex: Beaulieu-2002-BAW).
[Morecraft et al., 2002]
R.J. Morecraft, J. Herrick, K.S. Stilwell-Morecraft, J.L. Louie, J. Ottenbacher, C.M. Schroeder, and M. Schoolfield. Localization of Arm Representation in the Corona Radiata and Internal Capsule in the Non-Human Primate. Brain, 125(1):176-198, January 2002. (pdf) (bibtex: Morecraft-2002-LAR).
[Narasimhan and Jacobs, 2002]
P. T. Narasimhan and Russell E. Jacobs. Neuro-Anatomical Micro-Magnetic Resonance Imaging. In Brain Mapping: The Methods. 2nd Edition. Academic Press, New York, NY, 2002. (bibtex: Narasimhan-2002-NMR).
[Peters, 2002]
Alan Peters. The effects of normal aging on myelin and nerve fibers: A review. Journal of Neurocytology, 31:581-593, 2002. (pdf) (bibtex: Peters-2002-ENA).
[Bigler and Tate, 2001]
Erin D. Bigler and David F. Tate. Brain Volume, Intracranial Volume, and Dementia. Investigative Radiology, 36(9):539-546, 2001. (pdf) (bibtex: Bigler-2001-BVI).
Age-related brain size changes.
[Alexander et al., 2000]
Andrew L. Alexander, Khader Hasan, Gordon Kindlmann, Dennis L. Parker, and Jay S. Tsuruda. A GEOMETRIC ANALYSIS OF DIFFUSION TENSOR MEASUREMENTS OF THE HUMAN BRAIN. In ISMRM, pages 86-86, 2000. (pdf) (bibtex: Alexander-2000-GAD).
[Morecraft et al., 2000]
Robert J. Morecraft, Kathleen S. Rockland, and Gary W. Van Hoesen. Localization of Area Prostriata and its Projection to the Cingulate Motor Cortex in the Rhesus Monkey. Cerebral Cortex, 10(2):192-20, February 2000. (pdf) (bibtex: Morecraft-2000-LAP).
[Papadakis et al., 1999]
Nikolaos G. Papadakis, Da Xing, Christopher L. H. Huang, Laurance D. Hall, and T. Adrian Carpenter. A Comparative Study of Acquisition Schemes for Diffusion Tensor Imaging Using MRI. Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 137(1):67-82, March 1999. (pdf) (bibtex: Papadakis-1999-CSA).
[Tseng et al., 1999]
W-Y Isaac Tseng, Timothy G. Reese, R. Neil Smith, Elkan Halprin, and Van J. Wedeen. Histologic Correlation of Myocardial Diffusion Tensor MRI: Fibers and Sheets Both Contribute. In ISMRM, 1999. (pdf) (bibtex: Tseng-1999-HCM).
[Guttmann et al., 1998]
C.R.G. Guttmann, F.A. Jolesz, R. Kikinis, R.J. Killiany, M.B. Moss, T. Sandor, and M.S. Albert. White matter changes with normal aging. Neurology, 50(4):972-978, April 1998. (html) (bibtex: Guttmann-1998-WMC).
Age-related brain size changes.
[Morecraft et al., 1997]
R.J. Morecraft, J.L. Louie, C.M. Schroeder, and K. Aramov. Segregated Parallel Inputs to the Brachial Spinal Cord from the Cingulate Motor Cortex in the Monkey. NeuroReport, 8(18):3933-3938, December 1997. (bibtex: Morecraft-1997-SPI).
[Blatter et al., 1995]
Duane D. Blatter, Erin D. Bigler, Shawn D. Gale, Sterling C. Johnson, Carol V. Anderson, Bruce M. Burnett, Natalie Parker, Shanna Kurth, and Susan D. Horn. Quantitative Volumetric Analysis of Brain MR: Normative Database Spanning 5 Decades of Life. American Journal of Neuroradiology, 16:241-251, February 1995. (pdf) (bibtex: Blatter-1995-QVA).
Age-related brain size changes.
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