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Wrist Project Software FAQ

1. Where is the code and what's its structure?

1. Where is the code and what's its structure?

The registration code is part of the manifolds project (of Cindy Grimm, Hughes Hoppe et al descent). The manifolds project started out under /map/gfx2/users/cmg/manifolds/

A few years back, when gfx2 went
away, tstaff moved the project to /map/gfx0/users/gem/manifolds/ and that's where it currently resides, as far as I know. A more appropriate place would have been /map/gfx0/projects/manifolds/.

With respect to the manifolds project, I have no special privileges. The project used to belong to the 'manifolds' group, but when gfx2 went away, it became 'graphics'.

Manifolds project vs. $G

The reason the manifolds project is not under $G, but separately on /map/gfx0/, is, if you remember, because the manifolds project comes with its own make, bin, lib, include etc architecture. When $G showed up, we did discuss the possibility of integrating the manifolds project with $G. Integrating the two is by no means trivial (moving the manifolds under $G is more or less equivalent to moving all of $G under the manifolds project). At the time, we agreed to let the manifolds project be, as long as it was on /map/gfx0/.

Applications built on top of the manifolds project go into [...]/manifolds/src/programs/.
The registration code (HackSegmentation) is one such application. Make rules are under [..]/manifolds/make/. Executables go to [..]/manifolds/bin/.

Everything grant-related that is not based on the manifolds project, is under $G.

Building under the manifolds project

For each application, the manifold-project make rules apply. 'make' in an application directory normally builds the application. The executable gets written to [...]/manifolds/bin/linuxR/ (respectively solarisR, or winR, depending on the platform you're on; R stands for release version, G stands for debug version).

There are a couple of environment variables one needs to set before building manifolds project-based applications. Inside [...]/manifolds/src/programs/HackSegmentation there's a copy of the 'envvars' file spelling out these environment variables. Other than that, the only thing that's not there but is the default in my home settings is probably ARCH = linux.

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