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1. What debugging tools are there in linux?

1. What debugging tools are there in linux?

Checkout this publication for a recent survey:


gdb          to attach to a running program:
                 $> gdb progname pid
ddd          graphical debugger
totalview    graphical debugger
gprof        where a program spends its time
strace       watch all syscalls a program makes
             if you didn't write the program, this
               is probably your best bet
time         summarize system resource usage (real,user,sys)
gcov         profiling tool .. frequency of lines executed
             (example: 1.  gcc -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage x.c
                       2.  a.out
                       3.  gcov x.c
                       4.  cat x.c.gcov)
memprof      memory profiling (gui)
valgrind     memory debugger
ccmalloc     memory profiling

Electric Fence (compile with -lefence) - use for memory overruns leak-analyze & LeakCheck - memory usage debugger mpatrol & mptrace - debugging for dynamically allocated memory


vmstat       virtual memory statistics
free         display free and used memory
top          disply top cpu processes
files in /proc  files used as interface to kernel data structures
                examples: cpuinfo,stat
procinfo     display system status - gathered from /proc
ps           report process status
ksysguard    Task Manager and Performance Monitor
             like windows performance monitor
             (process table and histogram of system load, memory)
    sar      system activity information

iostat CPU and I/O stats
mpstat Processor related stats


ping         send echo request to network host
netstat      print net connections, routing tables, etc.

traceroute print the route to a network host

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