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SoundImpNet Member List

This is the complete list of members for SoundImpNet, including all inherited members.
_hostSoundImpNet [protected]
_portSoundImpNet [protected]
deleteSound(str_ptr filename)SoundImpNet [virtual]
load(str_ptr filename)SoundImpNet [virtual]
play(str_ptr filename)SoundImpNet [virtual]
send_network_msg(str_ptr msg)SoundImpNet [protected]
setListenerGain(float g)SoundImpNet [virtual]
setListenerLoc(Wtransf m)SoundImpNet [virtual]
setListenerVel(Wvec v)SoundImpNet [virtual]
setParam(str_ptr filename, SOUNDPARAM param, float value)SoundImpNet [virtual]
SoundImpNet(str_ptr host, int port)SoundImpNet
stop(str_ptr filename)SoundImpNet [virtual]

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