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InSpace::SELECTMGR Member List

This is the complete list of members for InSpace::SELECTMGR, including all inherited members.
_selectedInSpace::SELECTMGR [protected, static]
addToSelection(DrawObj *obj)InSpace::SELECTMGR [static]
clearSelection()InSpace::SELECTMGR [static]
contains(DrawObj *d)InSpace::SELECTMGR [static]
numSelected()InSpace::SELECTMGR [static]
objIntersect(Wpt pw)InSpace::SELECTMGR [static]
objIntersect(ROOMpt pr)InSpace::SELECTMGR [static]
objIntersect(Wpt p, Wvec dir)InSpace::SELECTMGR [static]
removeFromSelection(DrawObj *obj)InSpace::SELECTMGR [static]
selectedObj(int i)InSpace::SELECTMGR [static]
selection()InSpace::SELECTMGR [static]

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