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InSpace::Image Member List

This is the complete list of members for InSpace::Image, including all inherited members.
_bppInSpace::Image [protected]
_dataInSpace::Image [protected]
_fileInSpace::Image [protected]
_heightInSpace::Image [protected]
_no_deleteInSpace::Image [protected]
_widthInSpace::Image [protected]
bpp() const InSpace::Image [inline]
clear()InSpace::Image [inline]
copy() const InSpace::Image
copy_tile(const Image &tile, uint i, uint j)InSpace::Image
data() const InSpace::Image [inline]
dims() const InSpace::Image [inline]
empty() const InSpace::Image [inline]
file() const InSpace::Image [inline]
height() const InSpace::Image [inline]
Image()InSpace::Image [inline]
Image(Cstr_ptr &file)InSpace::Image [inline]
Image(cImage &img)InSpace::Image [inline]
Image(uint w, uint h, uint bpp, uchar *data, bool nd=1)InSpace::Image [inline]
Image(uint w, uint h, uint bpp)InSpace::Image [inline]
load_file(Cstr_ptr &file)InSpace::Image
open_png(char *file)InSpace::Image [protected]
operator<<(ostream &os, cImage &img)InSpace::Image [friend]
operator=(const Image &img)InSpace::Image [inline]
operator>>(istream &is, Image &img)InSpace::Image [friend]
PNG_BYTES_TO_CHECK enum valueInSpace::Image [protected]
read_pgm(istream &in, bool ascii)InSpace::Image
read_png(Cstr_ptr &file)InSpace::Image
read_pnm(Cstr_ptr &file)InSpace::Image
read_pnm(istream &in)InSpace::Image
read_ppm(istream &in, bool ascii)InSpace::Image
resize(uint w, uint h, uint b)InSpace::Image [inline]
row(int k) const InSpace::Image [inline]
row_size() const InSpace::Image [inline]
set(int w, int h, uint bpp, uchar *data, bool nd=1)InSpace::Image [inline]
size() const InSpace::Image [inline]
width() const InSpace::Image [inline]
write_png(char *file) const InSpace::Image
write_png(int w, int h, uint bpp, uchar *data, Cstr_ptr &file)InSpace::Image [inline, static]
write_pnm(char *file, bool ascii=false) const InSpace::Image
write_pnm(ostream &os, bool ascii) const InSpace::Image
~Image()InSpace::Image [inline, virtual]

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