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Image Class Reference

#include <pnm_image.H>

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Public Methods

 Image ()
 Image (Cstr_ptr &file)
 Image (cImage &img)
 Image (uint w, uint h, uint bpp, uchar *data, bool nd=1)
 Image (uint w, uint h, uint bpp)
void operator= (const Image &img)
void set (int w, int h, uint bpp, uchar *data, bool nd=1)
void clear ()
int resize (uint w, uint h, uint b)
int copy_tile (const Image &tile, uint i, uint j)
virtual ~Image ()
int width () const
int height () const
uint bpp () const
int size () const
int row_size () const
point2i dims () const
uchardata () const
ucharrow (int k) const
Cstr_ptrfile () const
ucharcopy () const
bool empty () const
void expand_power2 ()
int resize_rows_mult_4 ()
int load_file (Cstr_ptr &file)
int read_png (Cstr_ptr &file)
int write_png (char *file) const
int read_pnm (Cstr_ptr &file)
int read_pnm (istream &in)
int read_pgm (istream &in, bool ascii)
int read_ppm (istream &in, bool ascii)
int write_pnm (char *file, bool ascii=false) const
int write_pnm (ostream &os, bool ascii) const

Static Public Methods

int write_png (int w, int h, uint bpp, uchar *data, Cstr_ptr &file)

Protected Types

enum  { PNG_BYTES_TO_CHECK = 8 }

Protected Methods

FILE * open_png (char *file)

Protected Attributes

uint _width
uint _height
uint _bpp
bool _no_delete
str_ptr _file


ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, cImage &img)
istream & operator>> (istream &is, Image &img)

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum [protected]

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Image::Image   [inline]

Image::Image Cstr_ptr   file [inline]

Image::Image cImage   img [inline]

Image::Image uint    w,
uint    h,
uint    bpp,
uchar   data,
bool    nd = 1

Image::Image uint    w,
uint    h,
uint    bpp

virtual Image::~Image   [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

uint Image::bpp   const [inline]

void Image::clear   [inline]

uchar * Image::copy  

int Image::copy_tile const Image &    tile,
uint    i,
uint    j

uchar* Image::data   const [inline]

point2i Image::dims   const [inline]

bool Image::empty   const [inline]

void Image::expand_power2  

Cstr_ptr& Image::file   const [inline]

int Image::height   const [inline]

int Image::load_file Cstr_ptr   file

FILE * Image::open_png char *    file [protected]

void Image::operator= const Image &    img [inline]

int Image::read_pgm istream &    in,
bool    ascii

int Image::read_png Cstr_ptr   file

int Image::read_pnm istream &    in

int Image::read_pnm Cstr_ptr   file

int Image::read_ppm istream &    in,
bool    ascii

int Image::resize uint    w,
uint    h,
uint    b

int Image::resize_rows_mult_4  

uchar* Image::row int    k const [inline]

int Image::row_size   const [inline]

void Image::set int    w,
int    h,
uint    bpp,
uchar   data,
bool    nd = 1

int Image::size   const [inline]

int Image::width   const [inline]

int Image::write_png int    w,
int    h,
uint    bpp,
uchar   data,
Cstr_ptr   file
[inline, static]

int Image::write_png char *    file const

int Image::write_pnm ostream &    os,
bool    ascii

int Image::write_pnm char *    file,
bool    ascii = false

Friends And Related Function Documentation

ostream& operator<< ostream &    os,
cImage   img

istream& operator>> istream &    is,
Image &    img

Member Data Documentation

uint Image::_bpp [protected]

uchar* Image::_data [protected]

str_ptr Image::_file [protected]

uint Image::_height [protected]

bool Image::_no_delete [protected]

uint Image::_width [protected]

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