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ISMeshObj Class Reference

#include <ISMeshObj.H>

Inherits DrawObj.

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Public Methods

 ISMeshObj (str_ptr name)
 ISMeshObj (str_ptr name, ISMesh *m)
virtual ~ISMeshObj ()
void addMesh (ISMesh *m)
void setDiffuse (Color c)
void setShininess (double value)
void setSpecular (Color c)
void setEmission (Color c)
void setAmbient (Color c)
void reTexture (str_ptr texname)
void setTextureName (str_ptr texName)
void reColor (Color c)
Color diffuse ()
double shininess ()
Color specular ()
Color emission ()
Color ambient ()
str_ptr texname ()
BBoxrecalcBBox ()
virtual void setLit (int lit)
virtual int isLit ()
virtual void draw ()
virtual void addMultiTexture (str_ptr texture, double alpha=1.0, Wtransf texTransform=Wtransf())
void writeVRML (ostream *ofs)
bool readVRML (istream *is)
int pointSelectFine (Wpt pw)
int pointSelectFine (ROOMpt pr)
void cleanUp (double epsilon)

Public Attributes

ARRAY< ISMesh * > _meshes

Protected Attributes

ARRAY< str_ptr_textures
ARRAY< double > _textureAlphas
ARRAY< Wtransf_textureTransforms
double _shininess
Color _diffuse
Color _specular
Color _emission
Color _ambient
int _textureValid
int _isLit

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ISMeshObj::ISMeshObj str_ptr    name [inline]

ISMeshObj::ISMeshObj str_ptr    name,
ISMesh   m

ISMeshObj::~ISMeshObj   [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void ISMeshObj::addMesh ISMesh   m [inline]

void ISMeshObj::addMultiTexture str_ptr    texture,
double    alpha = 1.0,
Wtransf    texTransform = Wtransf()

Color ISMeshObj::ambient   [inline]

void ISMeshObj::cleanUp double    epsilon

Color ISMeshObj::diffuse   [inline]

void ISMeshObj::draw   [virtual]

Implements DrawObj.

Color ISMeshObj::emission   [inline]

virtual int ISMeshObj::isLit   [inline, virtual]

int ISMeshObj::pointSelectFine ROOMpt    pr [virtual]

Reimplemented from DrawObj.

int ISMeshObj::pointSelectFine Wpt    pw [virtual]

Reimplemented from DrawObj.

bool ISMeshObj::readVRML istream *    is

BBox* ISMeshObj::recalcBBox   [inline]

void ISMeshObj::reColor Color    c [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from DrawObj.

void ISMeshObj::reTexture str_ptr    texname [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from DrawObj.

void ISMeshObj::setAmbient Color    c [inline]

void ISMeshObj::setDiffuse Color    c [inline]

void ISMeshObj::setEmission Color    c [inline]

virtual void ISMeshObj::setLit int    lit [inline, virtual]

void ISMeshObj::setShininess double    value [inline]

void ISMeshObj::setSpecular Color    c [inline]

void ISMeshObj::setTextureName str_ptr    texName

double ISMeshObj::shininess   [inline]

Color ISMeshObj::specular   [inline]

str_ptr ISMeshObj::texname   [inline]

void ISMeshObj::writeVRML ostream *    ofs [virtual]

Reimplemented from DrawObj.

Member Data Documentation

Color ISMeshObj::_ambient [protected]

Color ISMeshObj::_diffuse [protected]

Color ISMeshObj::_emission [protected]

int ISMeshObj::_isLit [protected]

ARRAY<ISMesh*> ISMeshObj::_meshes

double ISMeshObj::_shininess [protected]

Color ISMeshObj::_specular [protected]

ARRAY<double> ISMeshObj::_textureAlphas [protected]

ARRAY<str_ptr> ISMeshObj::_textures [protected]

ARRAY<Wtransf> ISMeshObj::_textureTransforms [protected]

int ISMeshObj::_textureValid [protected]

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