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vec2i Class Reference

#include <point2i.H>

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Public Methods

 vec2i ()
 vec2i (int x, int y)
vec2i operator+ (cvec2i &v) const
vec2i operator- (cvec2i &v) const
int operator * (cvec2i &v) const
vec2i operator- () const
int operator[] (int index) const
int & operator[] (int index)
double length () const
int lengthSqrd () const
vec2i perpend () const
double dist (cvec2i &v) const
int distSqrd (cvec2i &v) const
int isNull () const
void operator+= (cvec2i &v)
void operator-= (cvec2i &v)
int operator== (cvec2i &v) const
int operator!= (cvec2i &v) const

Protected Attributes

int _x
int _y

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vec2i::vec2i   [inline]

vec2i::vec2i int    x,
int    y

Member Function Documentation

double vec2i::dist cvec2i   v const [inline]

int vec2i::distSqrd cvec2i   v const [inline]

int vec2i::isNull   const [inline]

double vec2i::length   const [inline]

int vec2i::lengthSqrd   const [inline]

int vec2i::operator * cvec2i   v const [inline]

int vec2i::operator!= cvec2i   v const [inline]

vec2i vec2i::operator+ cvec2i   v const [inline]

void vec2i::operator+= cvec2i   v [inline]

vec2i vec2i::operator-   const [inline]

vec2i vec2i::operator- cvec2i   v const [inline]

void vec2i::operator-= cvec2i   v [inline]

int vec2i::operator== cvec2i   v const [inline]

int& vec2i::operator[] int    index [inline]

int vec2i::operator[] int    index const [inline]

vec2i vec2i::perpend   const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

int vec2i::_x [protected]

int vec2i::_y [protected]

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