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mem_push Class Reference

#include <mem_push.H>

Inherited by STDmem_queue.

List of all members.

Public Methods

 mem_push (size_t datasize=sizeof(UGAgeneric))
virtual ~mem_push ()
STDbool is_empty () const
void remove_all ()

Protected Methods

void insert_top (UGAptr, size_t count=1)
void insert_bottom (const char *, size_t count=1)
size_t remove_top (UGAptr=NULL, size_t count=1)
size_t peek_top (UGAptr=NULL, size_t count=1) const
size_t count () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mem_push::mem_push size_t    datasize = sizeof(UGAgeneric)

mem_push::~mem_push   [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

size_t mem_push::count   const [inline, protected]

Reimplemented in STDmem_queue.

void mem_push::insert_bottom const char *   ,
size_t    count = 1

void mem_push::insert_top UGAptr   ,
size_t    count = 1

STDbool mem_push::is_empty   const [inline]

size_t mem_push::peek_top UGAptr    = NULL,
size_t    count = 1
const [protected]

void mem_push::remove_all   [inline]

size_t mem_push::remove_top UGAptr    = NULL,
size_t    count = 1

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